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Listen as Millions of Monarch Butterflies Make One of the Rarest Sounds on Earth

Monarch butterflies can be easily identified thanks to their wing pattern, but they also seem to be making the most peculiar sound when drawn together. In winter, monarch butterflies go on a mass migration journey to Mexico and California and Phil Torres from the Jungle Diaries managed to record them. (more…)

Giant Urban Flowers Bloom When Pedestrians Stand Under Them

HQ Architects created a smart installation that interacts with passers-by while beautifying the surroundings it was placed in.
The work is called the Warde and can be found in Jerusalem’s Vallero Square. The architecture firm is looking to revive the area through design and they’ve created several flower sculptures which blossom in front of the neighborhood’s citizens. (more…)

Artist Transforms Building Façade in France With Delicate Painted Lace

NeSpoon is a Polish street artist who decorates buildings from several European cities, covering them in her unique style and personality.
Her murals are inspired by delicate lace patterns, and now she has brought her mastery to French Brittany, to the In Cité, Festival écologique d’Arts Urbains. (more…)


How to make wildly popular Christmas light balls! Using chicken wire and string lights, you can add DIY light balls to your outdoor Christmas decorations!
These incredibly popular Christmas light balls are surprisingly easy to make with just a few supplies!



Wooden house bed is made from polished high class aspen or alder wood.

The wood is painted with ecological , baby safe natural protective wax for wood, containing linseed oil that is specially prepared for wood processing, colophony (pine resin), bees wax and composition of other high quality waxes, it has a pleasant aroma of honey. (more…)

35 Circus Elephants Arrive in Amazing Florida Sanctuary to Retire Among Forest, Grassland, and 11 Watering Holes

There is an amazing elephant sanctuary in Florida that will become the home of 35 rescued circus elephants. The 35 Asian pachyderms have been rescued from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus and will start their new lives in Florida, having a 2500-acre reserve at their disposal. (more…)

Artist Sparks Joy With Psychedelic Stained Glass Art Inspired by Organic Shapes

Glass is such a versatile material, as it can be turned into a lot of items and even pieces of art. One creative artist from Denver, Colorado is making amazing art pieces out of stained glass and her work has won the Internet’s heart.
Even though stained glass might be more specific to church décor, it can be (more…)

15 Creative Spiral Garden Ideas

Herb gardens are a great addition to your home if you have some leftover space in your yard that you want to fill with something nice. This is a great way to ensure that you have fresh herbs all year and that you can always add some extra flavors to your home dishes.
The most important step in setting up your herb garden is to find the right spot, as herbs prefer sun all year round. (more…)

Spectacular Tiny Sculptures Made of Recycled Watches

If you’re familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, then you probably know the first rule which states that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This seems to be the principle upon which Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates her artworks, using parts of old watches which are turned into steampunk sculptures. (more…)

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