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Wanted: A farmer. Successful organic farm is closing because no one wants to run it

Ten years of planning, 10 years of want ads and hope and worry, ended one day in October when Don Kretschmann realized it wasn’t going to work; no one was going to step in.
This was going to be the last harvest at Kretschmann Family Organic Farm. (more…)

Laying Hen with Chick Pattern

This pattern includes the instructions for the chicken, as well as the chick, egg and nest. The chick fits inside the egg which then fits inside the chicken so she can lay the egg which then can hatch!

I did it for my mother’s birthday and she loves it so much. The pattern is easy (more…)

Crochet Scooby Doo Pattern

Everyone knows Scooby Doo and if you do too, you are going to love this Scooby Doo Crochet Pattern. This is a pattern only not a finished product. Scooby Doo will soon become your childs favorite. This pattern is available in the link below… (more…)

Crochet Smurf Pattern

Everyone loves Smurfs and if you do too, you are going to love this Smurf Crochet Pattern. This pattern is available in the link below… (more…)

Wildlife Photographer Promotes Lion Conservation With Amazing Portraits

Simon Needham from Los Angeles is a wildlife photographer whose portraits capture the essence and personality of each animal, making them look truly majestic. His main goal is to raise awareness of endangered species and help the work of conservationists all over the world, by bringing animals closer to humans. (more…)

Charming Log Cabin With Unique Logs

Almost all log cabins look as if they were taken out of a fairy tale, as the natural elements are a constant reminder of the closeness of nature.
This charming log cabin looks amazing and Matt Enderles is the artist responsible for its design. He collects rare pieces of wood for his projects but also specializes in building log cabins and transforming wood by using different techniques. (more…)

‘Little Island’ A Floating Park In NYC Brings Together Art And Nature In An Immersive Experience

Heatherwick Studio and MLNA have teamed to create Little Island, a New York City floating island that will be connected with Manhattan.
The island on the spot that is now known as Pier 55, and will be comprised of 132 concrete columns that serve as modules. The initiative came from the Diller-von Furstenburg Family Foundation and it will serve as a natural park with 100 species of trees on a site of 2.4-acres.
Besides the park and relaxing area, there will also be a space dedicated to community events and artists. (more…)

Elaborate Birdhouses Resembling Miniature Palaces Built in Ottoman-Era Turkey

The Ottoman architecture pays a lot of attention to details, and not only those that serve the needs of humans, but also those of birds in particular. Birds had their tiny palaces in the Ottoman Empire, and these houses were attached to the buildings in form of tiny little palaces.
These unique-looking bird cages even had their very own tiny balconies and runways for take-off. (more…)

Artist Spent a Year in the Woods Creating Mysterious Sculptures

In the woods of Southern France, lies a forest full of contemporary wooden sculptures made by Spencer Byles, who created a stunning wonderland filled with mystery.
Byles spent one year in the forest working on the sculptures and integrated them into the landscape of La Colle Sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins. (more…)

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