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Man Gives $4 Million Dollar Apartment Complex To Let Homeless Women And Their Children Live For Free

Wealth is not distributed equally between people around the world, and some just have a lot more than others. But this does not mean that there aren’t still people out there who are willing to give back, help the less fortunate and do some good while on this Earth.

Rick Steves is among them, as he is a multi-millionaire with a big heart who made a fortune out of his European travel-guides and travel series. (more…)

This 1.5-Mile Hike In North Carolina Will Lead You To An Emerald Green Pool & Waterfall

North Carolina has a hidden gem and it only takes a hike to discover it. It is a beautiful green ooze with a hidden waterfall and is called Midnight Hole.
You can find this amazing place in the Smoky Mountains and it is the perfect getaway if you want to relax and avoid big crowds. You can hop into your car, have a nice hike on a (more…)

German cafe tells customers to wear pool noodles to enforce social distancing

Since the lift of the lockdown in Europe, businesses have been trying to find all sorts of creative ways of how to reopen and keep the public safe. This cafe in Germany thought of a funny but very clever way in which to keep its clients at a safe distance from one another.
Cafe Roth in Schwerin decided that instead of markings and plexiglass screens, (more…)

These SOLAR POOL FLOWERS heat up your pool by absorbing sunlight

Solar Pool Flowers will add a few degrees to your pool by absorbing sunlight. Just toss them in your pool and when the sun hits them they begin to generate heat. (more…)

Farmer succeeds in growing Australia’s first ever seedless lychees

Farmer grows Australia’s first ever seedless lychees after trying for almost 20 years using fruit trees bought from China

Tibby Dixon is a farmer from Australia, who managed to create the perfect lychees: a seedless one. The process through which he created this dream-fruit is called selective breeding and it took him 19 years to develop it. (more…)

Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

A bird feeder in your garden is such a nice idea as you contribute to the well-being of the bird population in your area. But if you live in an area with a forest near-by, then squirrels might give you some headaches when they visit your garden.

Youtuber Mark Rober had some problems with squirrels always entering his backyard and stealing food from the bird feeder so he solved this issue with the help of science. He even managed to catch the tiny squirrels on camera while in action to study their methods and started to design the squirrel-proof bird feeder afterward. (more…)

Ethiopia ‘Breaks World Record’ By Planting 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours

Pollution is such a big problem in modern times, that it is becoming a real struggle to find efficient ways through which the process can be stopped. Until there will be a magic cure to heal the Earth and live pollution-free, there are still several actions that can be taken to reduce it.

For instance, planting trees is a simple and helpful step and Ethiopia did a great job here. Since the country went through severe deforestation, which harmed its climate, last year officials in Ethiopia took action and started planting new trees. (more…)

Photographer Gets Once-In-A-Lifetime Shot Of Meteor By Accident

Some of the best photographs in the world have been taken by accident, as the artist caught something on camera when he wasn’t even focused.

Prasanjeet Yadav, managed to snap a picture of a meteor, something so rare that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the pictures. Meteors are often too small to be seen or happen to enter our atmosphere at night when most people are sleeping. (more…)

Photographer Takes Pics Of People In Public From 2 Perspectives And It Shows How Easily The Media Can Manipulate Reality

The spreading of fake news is an intense subject in recent years, and it has been proved many times that any article or picture can be distorted to change the perspective.
That’s why fake news is so dangerous, as it’s becoming harder and harder to tell apart fake stories from real ones and avoid getting manipulated by the media. (more…)

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