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Atlantic Trawler Made Out Of Recycled Pallet Wood

Atlantic Trawler handmade using recycled pallet boards.
For fans of the genre, a piece of furniture with clean and essential lines, but at the same time it brings with it the image and suggestions known to those who have a passion for the sea. This is available in the link below… (more…)

This man wears a giant cardboard circle to enforce social distancing

Ri-disc-ulous! These are strange times, full of uncertainty but without humor on our side, they would surely be even more terrifying. Italy is one of the most affected countries by the COVID-19 crisis and things are getting worse by day there. But people still manage to find humor in everyday life and find ways to keep themselves and others entertained. (more…)

Dog Sling Carrier

This linen dog sling is light in weight and easily foldable at your convenience, for taking it with you on a daily basis especially in summertime. The wide shoulder strap will make it comfortable carrying. (more…)

Lessons from Finland: helping homeless people starts with giving them homes

Finland is among the most successful and prosperous Nordic countries and ending homelessness has always been on their political agenda. It seems that since the 1980s the rates have been constantly going down thanks to the country’s smart policies.
Homelessness is a pressing issue in every major city and people who end up in this situation might suffer from several (more…)

How to Make Succulent Cupcakes

Succulents are among the cutest and delicate plants one can have in our home. Most of them have colorful flowers which will make every room look brighter and more cheerful. If succulents are among your favorite plants, you are really going to love these beautiful cupcakes. They are decorated in a way that resembles (more…)

Monument of Native American Hero “Crazy Horse” Slowly Taking Shape in South Dakota

Have you heard about the Crazy Horse sculpture in South Dakota? It is a monument, that once completed, should be larger than Mount Rushmore and is being constructed without any governmental funding.
The sculpture is located 17 miles from Mount Rushmore and it is a monument dedicated to the most iconic Native American hero. The constructions for it have been on-going for 70 years and the monument is finally starting to take shape. (more…)

Study: Elderberry Cuts Duration of Colds and Flu in Half

Elderberries have been long known for their health benefits, but new studies show that they might be more efficient than we knew before.
According to new research, elderberry syrup can do miracles when it comes to treating colds and flu and can help you feel much better in just 2 days. Their immune-boosting properties lie in the fact that they contain high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants. (more…)

Chocolate Strawberry Owls

Strawberries and chocolate are a killer combo! Even if it’s not strawberry season yet, you can still find some at your local supermarket to make this next tasty and cute dessert. The tiny strawberry owls are so easy to make, and they can be the perfect afternoon snack. And since school is closed right now, (more…)

How to Make Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

Stores are sold out of clorox and lysol wipes everywhere right now. So I thought i’d share a homemade DIY disinfecting recipe that you can use for the time being.In this video i will be showing you a very easy way to make disinfectant wipes at home! Make sure to use a good quality paper towel or it will fall apart ! (more…)

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