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13-Year-Old Artist Creates Incredible Animal Drawings From Memory

Some child prodigies leave you breathless when you see their talent. The Serbian Dusan Krtolica is such an example, as he has been drawing since he was 2 years old and his talent only grew more impressive over the years. Now, at 17 years old he emerged into a true artist and his intricate drawings representing the animal kingdom have earned him a large fanbase on the Internet and not only. Dusan prefers to work in pencil or black pen and his works represent anatomically correct animals and plants with a very keen eye for each small detail. (more…)

Man Documents His Incredible Outdoor Adventures with His Gorgeous Wolfdog

How would you like to travel the world with your best friend? Sure, the correct answer is an obvious one here, but what if your best friend is a wolfdog?
Kelly Lund is the proud owner and companion of Loki, the wolf-dog hybrid, a mixture of husky, Arctic wolf, and malamute and they have the most amazing adventures together. They mostly venture in the outdoors of Colorado, going on hikes, strolling through forests, and sleeping in hammocks under the night sky. (more…)

Find the Best Firewood for You: Firewood Comparison Chart

Firewood from different species or types of trees varies widely in heat content, burning characteristics, and overall quality.

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, measure the heat of combustion. Even among the same species, different chunks of firewood are going to burn hotter than others, depending on how dry they are and the conditions under which they grew. These numbers are intended as a rough comparison. It’s good to know that moisture content is more important than tree species when planning for wood heat. (more…)

Family Homesteading: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Sufficiency for the Whole Family

Whether you and your family are planning to take the big plunge and live off the grid, or you just want to make the best use of your backyard, here is practical advice and hands-on projects for the self-sufficient family that wants to go back to basics. (more…)

Hand-Shaped Knobs

Check out our hand shaped knob selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops.These are available in the link below… (more…)

Perfectly Aligned Pillars Spotlight US Seal on Veterans Day

This memorial can be found in Anthem, Arizona, and is called The Anthem Veterans Memorial. Each one of the five pillars represents a branch of the US Armed Forces, there is one pillar for the Army, one for the Marine Corps, one for the Navy, one for the Air Force, and one pillar for the Coast Guard.
The large sculptures each have a hole inside them through which light can pass and they form a perfect shape that reflects a mosaic of the Great Seal of the United States. But the installation has an amazing twist, as it reflects the mosaic only on one specific day of the year, which is Veterans Day. (more…)

Button Tree Ornaments

These button tree ornaments are made of brown/beige buttons stump and different shades and sizes of colorful buttons. The top is made of a VINTAGE SHANK BUTTON or SNOWFLAKE.
These fun and cute button ornaments come ready to hang on the Christmas tree. They may also be used as a fun addition to stockings or as a fun tag on gifts, a bottle of wine, tag for a table nameplace or napkin. The possibilities are left to your imagination. (more…)

Ocean-Inspired Resin Lamps Cast a Tranquil Blue Glow When Illuminated

Absolutely stunning pieces of art. The artist used Walnut and basswood for this figure. He made a mold for resin and colored it. Then he made a simple electical circuit for the lamps. Finally he sanded the object for a good clearty.

You can use any USB Power Source for USB connection for the UV lights. The surface of the wood glow under the UV light. (more…)

Portraits of “Most Beautiful Chickens on the Planet” Capture Their Underrated Beauty

Chickens seldom receive the “most beautiful bird” reward, but that’s just because they were never presented like this before. Italian photographers, Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini are bringing out the beauty in chickens through their pictures.
They are trying to switch the perspective that chickens are common birds, and they started a project called Chic!ken consisting of glamorous portraits. (more…)

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