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They Started With 3 Off-Grid Tiny Houses And Now They Have Hundreds

Off-the-grid living is still very popular, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which made a lot of people reconsider their lifestyle and move to the countryside. Besides lower living costs, off-the-grid houses can also offer more intimacy and a more peaceful living, away from the rush of big city life. (more…)

Intricately Hard-Carved Wooden Spoons Pay Homage to Nature with Decorative Handles

Giles Newman is a talented artist who started his career as a graphic designer and slowly became interested in fine art.
Newman started doing spoon carvings with intricate designs, with the help of an ancient technique, using an ax and a knife. (more…)

Largest Farm to Grow Crops Under Solar Panels Proves to Be a Bumper Crop for Agrivoltaic Land Use

Agrivoltaics is the co-location of solar power and agricultural production. It is not a new idea, but is not in widespread use.

Agrivoltaics is a relatively new field with infinite potential: it is the agricultural practice that uses solar power at its best. Studies observed that plants tend to have a more efficient growing cycle when planted under arrays of solar panels, and the panels produce more electricity as well. (more…)

Sound-Absorbing Wall Tiles Made From Colorful Hexagonal “Wood Wool”

Contemporary design is all about finding unconventional materials that are then turned into decor elements. If the process of doing this is a sustainable one, then even better.
Form Us With Love is a design studio that created the nicest wall ties, made from a new type of material called wood wool. (more…)

Scientists Discover Water Buffaloes Covered In Frogs – A Never Before Seen Mutual-Benefit Relationship

At first glance, they seem an unlikely pair: the massive, horned water buffalo that grazes along the Black Sea coast, and the tiny marsh frog.

After the accidental discovery of an Anatolian water buffalo covered in hitchhiking amphibians, however, researchers now say the two may have a relationship of biological importance. (more…)

Crochet Owls Hats That Make you SQUEE!

Winter is almost here which means it’s time to prepare warm and cozy clothes for your children.
Well, what about making them some? What other better time can there be for sitting inside and crocheting something that will keep your baby warm all winter? (more…)

Building a house from pallets. From start to finish

Building a house is not an easy task, as years of training are required even for professionals to master such a skill.
But what about building a house from pallets?
This sounds like a more doable task for amateur builders. (more…)

Is this the best pan EVER? The 5-in-1 Breakfast pan has five sections designed to make cooking easier

This frying pan has been winning over the Internet and people are rushing to order it to prepare the ultimate breakfast. It is a multi-way frying pan, having plenty of space to allow for a 5-in-1 breakfast and even brunch preparations. The pan can be ordered from the link below and it has multiple sections that will let you prepare all the elements of a continental breakfast at the same time. (more…)

Spain to Ban Plastic Wrap for Fruits and Veggies

The plastic dump is one of the biggest environmental threats our planet faces, and sometimes extreme decisions need to be taken to end bad practices.

Spain is taking an essential step in reducing plastic waste by banning plastic wrap for fruits and vegetables. (more…)

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