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Affordable Log Cabin Near The Beach

Log cabins can be very affordable if you opt for a smart and small design. This log cabin has all the features you might need to enjoy a short vacation or even a longer stay, as it is equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living room. (more…)

Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping With His Tiny Equipment, And The Photos Are Adorable

Animal photos which tell a story have become very popular on social media and lots of pet are now Internet sensations.

This tiny adorable hedgehog is called Azuki and has taken Instagram, by storm thank to all the cute photos which illustrate him all sorts of day-to-day situations. (more…)

Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Now Exist And It Is Ideal For Late Night Camping Trips

These glow-in-the-dark ropes will help avoid camping accidents in the pitch dark where one could trip on a rope used to keep tents up.

If you like to go camping, you probably know how uncomfortable it is to try and walk to your tent in the dark and trip on the ropes used to keeping up the tent. To avoid this, you can invest in these very clever glow-in-the-dark tent ropes. Sitting near a campfire or going star gazing in the dark while camping sounds like a lot of fun, but the road back to the tent can be bumpy. (more…)

This Floating Tent Offers You A Cool New Way To Die While Camping

Isolation and remote holidays will be the new trend this year, considering the current situation and the impact of COVID-19.

So instead of spending a fortune on exotic destinations, this year many people will go back to hiking and camping. Investing in a tent might be the right moment, but if you are looking for total peace and isolation, a floating tent would be the best option. Just imagine how great it would be to float on the water all day and all night. (more…)

‘Ice Cream Tulips’ That Look Like Strawberry Ice Cream With Whipped Cream On Top

The flowers are really astonishing.

Who doesn’t love tulips and ice cream? Even though it sounds like two things that don’t necessarily go together, it looks like nature thought otherwise. This tulip species has been named „Ice Cream Tulips” as they resemble strawberry flavored ice cream that also has whipped cream on top. (more…)

A Rescued Green Turtle Pooped Out Plastic Trash For Weeks

Plastic pollution has so many negative impacts on the environment and living creatures, that plastic production should be stopped immediately.
Unfortunately, we are living in a fast-moving consumer world where most of the items we buy are highly reliable on plastic. The fact that the animal world is widely impacted by pollution is obvious, but this sad story will emphasize it even more. (more…)

Study: Giant Floating Solar Farms Could Make Fuel and Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Solving the climate crisis and reducing fossil fuel-generated pollution is one of humankind’s most pressing issues.
Scientists and researches are tirelessly working on new technologies that could reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and this next technology looks very promising.

A series of researches from Norway and Switzerland concluded that by clustering millions of solar panels on a floating island could help convert carbon dioxide in seawater into methanol. (more…)

Moon Dragon Tiny House

How would you like to live in a fairytale-like home? This tiny house looks like it has been transported in our world from a Tolkien novel and all thanks to Zyl Vardos, a builder specialized in tiny homes.
Each of their designs is custom made, according to the client’s needs, and they also ship the house to anywhere in North America, Canada, and even Mexico. (more…)

Husband Gives Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like Her Favorite Thing: An Amazon Prime Package

Waylon McGuire thought about surprising his wife for her birthday in a unique way: ordering a cake that looks like her favorite thing.
And this favorite thing is an Amazon Prime package, as Waylon’s wife is a very active online shopper, receiving 2 or even 3 packages per week. (more…)

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