Christmas Mug Sweater Made Out Of A Sock

What do windows, doors, living rooms and mugs have in common? The answer is: a Christmas wardrobe during the holidays. Everybody is accustomed to decorating their living rooms

Creative Tea Coffee Cup Set

You will drink coffee or tea with much more grace from a nicely decorated cup than a plain plastic one. Sure, the trend nowadays is having a drink on the go in those carton or plastic containers, never guessing if you’ll burn your lips on the hot liquid or not. But when you ...

Cozy Mug Sweater

As winter is approaching, we thought we should share this great idea with you. It is a cute and cozy sweater for your mug. It looks nice and cool and it will surely keep your beverage warm this winter. It is great as you can even place it on your to go cup and it will still keep your ...
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