Outdoor Cat Enclosure

This completely enclosed cat house is a great choice for your patio and backyard, very suitable for single or multiple pets as well as domestic cats, dogs, squirrels, foxes, and other small and medium pets. The spacious space allows your pet to be outside comfortably and freely

A pop-up screened in-porch

This Screen Tent has spacious space that comfortably fits several adults, huge interior space for you to put furniture and grills inside, help you to enjoy the garden, backyard, patio better. Full mesh walls deliver 360-degree air ventilation for better dissipation of body heat and ...

Vertical Fire Pit Grate

Don’t waste money on expensive fire pit grates or hundreds of dollars on fancy smokeless fire pit systems. The Vertical Ultimate Campfire Fire Pit Grate solves those problems and is really easy to use.

Cow Planter

Isn’t he adorable?? A Cow Planter, to decorate your home, ideal to build yourself with your Scroll Saw or laser cutter. Special for decoration of gardens, patio or the interior of the home, with a unique design. Ideal for building with MDF wood. The plan is available in the ...

Georgia girl, 6, becomes youngest certified farmer in the state

This story is here to inspire everyone who wants to get better at doing something they love. Kendall Ray Johnson is one very special 6-year-old, from Georgia, as he has a true passion for farming and started showing interest in this craft at an early age.

Pool Towel Tree

This towel tree makes the perfect addition for any pool or hot tub owner! The Towel Tree offers an effective and unique trendy way to dry your pool towels along with organizing the pool side/hot tub area. Each towel tree is handmade in the United States with a rustic and distressed ...

Grill Gazebo Plans: Make a Grillzebo!

Grillzebo: A sheltered space similar to a gazebo but designed for grilling. A grill gazebo is the perfect place to cook the perfect steak, rain or shine, and it makes a great outdoor bar, too. You can entertain and feed your guests without

Mini Picnic Table

Summer is here and one of my favorite things to do is grill out and enjoy a nice evening on the patio. This mini picnic table kit serves as a whimsical coaster for my beer, or it can hold condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper, for when I make hot dogs.

Come Sit on The Porch with Me Metal Sign

These sturdy metal signs will perfectly accent any kitchen, home, bar, pub, bath, office, garage, or business. Each sign is created by baking enamelized ink into a tough, polyester coating on a thick steel blank. The result is amazing durability, rich color, and fine detail. Add a ...
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