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Michigan 10-year-old opens driveway candy shop inside renovated, pop up camper

Michigan opened back up for business on Monday, June 8, but a 10-year-old from Muskegon Heights beat the state by a week, with a unique driveway candy shop that’s quickly becoming her neighborhood’s hot spot. (more…)

Baby Albino Bat

Oh my goodness I love him!!! He is so adorable and well made! I love this baby bat, and sleep with her every night. This is made by Anna.
Also you can find baby bats plush in the link below… (more…)

Vintage Camper Bird House

Spring and Summer bring the spirit of nesting for both us, and our feathered friends. This retro design was so fun to build! I took ideas from old photographs from a trailer I once had (a 1974 Scotty). The construction of the birdhouse is fairly simple, but the details leave endless possibilities with making this kit personal to you. (more…)

Mini Picnic Table

Summer is here and one of my favorite things to do is grill out and enjoy a nice evening on the patio. This mini picnic table kit serves as a whimsical coaster for my beer, or it can hold condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper, for when I make hot dogs. (more…)

Amazing Bulldozer Bed

This bulldozer bed plan set is designed for a twin size mattress (75″L x 39″W x 7″H), but you could modify the build to accommodate a larger mattress. These plans include many detailed diagrams and instructions, explaining each step very clearly. (more…)

Photographer Captures Viral Shot of the Northern Lights Behind an Erupting Volcano

Photographs of the Northern lights are always breathtaking, but there are simply no words to describe this picture taken by Christopher Mathews.
He witnessed an amazing moment, which is probably something to be experienced only once in this lifetime, namely a volcano erupting in Iceland that was accompanied by the aurora borealis. Mathews, who has been living in Iceland for many years, has a passion for landscape photography and his finesse is noticeable in this picture. (more…)

Artist Sculpts Polymer Clay Into Colorful Swirling Landscapes

Polymer clay is among the favorite materials of arts and crafts enthusiasts, as it is very easy to use and comes in a wide range of colors. But taking your art to the next level means creating intricate sculptures using this moldable material. (more…)

Tired Dog Sees Cow Taking A Nap And Decides To Curl Up On Its Back

There are some unique moments in life that require to be captured on camera for posterity. One-of-a-kind natural phenomena, unexplainable moments, and adorable animal friendships are all in the category. Recently, Sarthak Gambhir witnessed the moment of a true friendship being born between a dog and a cow. (more…)

Farmhouse Door Hangers

Wooden crackle farmhouse cow perfect for that farmhouse look. Burlap bow with lavender greenery and beads to hang. Great to hang on the door or hang in the home for that farm style. These are available in the link below… (more…)

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