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DIY Weed-Be-Gone Spray – Better Alternative To Harsh Chemicals

Spraying your garden with all sorts of industrial chemicals can do more harm than good. Instead of buying products sold by gardening department stores, why now make your products at home?
This way you can keep track of what ingredients you use and can make sure that your garden stays healthy and is cared for. This amazing DIY weed spray will help you can your yard weed-free and contains only natural ingredients. (more…)

This Rose Carving is Absolutely Gorgeous!

Christopher LaMontagne is an artist and master craftsman who transforms concepts into masterpieces. Christopher is based in a small town called Sterling, Connecticut which is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. (more…)

Crayola Just Released Crayons With 24 Skin Tone Shades So Every Child Can Color Themselves Accurately

Crayola products are great, and kids love coloring with them as they come in beautiful colors. There are several lines of crayons that Crayola produces, but this new line is comprised of 24 skin tone shades and it’s a very nice concept. This way, every child can color themselves and their friends accurately. (more…)

Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl Has Stunning Galaxies In His Eyes

Zeus is the most amazing rescue owl you’ve ever seen and all this because of his unfortunate condition of being a blind owl.
But if you look into his eyes you can see the entire Universe reflecting there as he has eyes that resemble tiny galaxies.
Zeus is a Western Screech-owl and has only a 10% vision, but because of his condition, he must live his life in captivity at the Wildlife Learning Center in California. His adoptive family loves him a lot and gives Zeus all their attention and care needed ever since 2012 when they rescued him. (more…)

Photographer Accidentally Captures The World’s Happiest and Relaxed Bird

Just wait until you this next picture which embodies happiness and relaxation in the form of a bird. A photographer from Scotland, named Karen Munro happened to be in the right place at the right time and snapped this picture of the most relaxed bird the Internet has ever seen.
Munro went on a cruise around Stroma Island (more…)

Penguins Take Accidental Selfie After Finding Camera In Antartica

Expeditions to the Antarctic are always full of surprises, as it is such a remote territory that still has a lot to offer in terms of discoveries.
Eddie Gault is an Australian, who went on an expedition there and took his camera with him to document penguin colonies. Besides the interesting footage he managed to capture, he also ended up with a fun selfie taken by one of the penguins. (more…)

People Send Pics Of Their Pets To This Artist And She Disneyfies Them (15 Pics)

Disneyfication seems to be an actual term and it came into existence since 1959 when sociologists firts used it to describe the transformation through globalization of the society to resemble Walt Disney Parks.

But Isa Bredt, a Dutch illustrator picked up the term and created a new trend out of it, in which she transforms pictures into drawings that resemble Disney characters. How cute is this? (more…)

This Pool Float Has A Space For Big Tatas So They Don’t Get Squished While You Lounge

Being blessed in the chest is not always a blessing in life too. Many women have different health issues because of this, not to mention that it makes it hard to find suitable clothing or doing daily activities like sleeping on your chest. (more…)

Man Creates Off-Road ‘Wheelchair’ So That His Wife Can Go On Adventures Too

There are lots of big-hearted people who are willing to help those in need and small selfless acts can restore our faith in humanity.
Cambry Kaylor had an accident in 2005 which left her paralyzed and she thought that she’ll have to give up on her passion for sport and outdoor activities. But luckily, her then-boyfriend, Zack Nelson was very skillful with DIY electronics and surprised her with the most amazing wheelchair of all. (more…)

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