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Minnesota Will Pay Homeowners to Replace Lawns with Bee-Friendly Wildflowers, Clover and Native Grasses

Bees play an essential role in our eco-system and without them, the balance of the planet would be threatened. Unfortunately, because of all the environmental changes and use of pesticides, more and more bee populations are dying each year.
To prevent this from happening, Minnesota allocated a large number of funds for saving the bee population and encourage locals to turn their laws into bee-friendly zones. (more…)

Rooftop Deck Container Home

Who would have thought that a shipping container can be easily transformed into a very modern-looking tiny house? This tiny home with a cool rooftop deck can be found in Long Beach, California and is 160 square feet. The 20’ shipping container made of wood was converted into a home and has an additional front deck beside the one on the rooftop. (more…)

Pet Feeder Station Storage Cabinet

Enjoy the convenience of food, leash, and toy storage, plus a feeding station, all in one stylish, compact space with our Pet Feeder Station. This storage cabinet is made to the same high level of craftsmanship as our other furniture pieces with a sturdy blend of solid mahogany and engineered woods. (more…)

Crochet Cow Blanket


This crochet patterns is so versatile. Make this cow crochet baby blanket with spots or just use this baby blanket crochet pattern to make a white cow with no spots and no color work to worry about. I’ve included 3 heads and presented 12 variations of those heads in the pattern so you can visualize how they would look like in different variations. (more…)

France has become the first country to ban the use of all 5 neonicotinoids pesticides killing bees

Bees are essential for the balance of our planet and the decline in the bee population in recent years, raised some alarming signs for several countries.
France seems to be among the first ones that decided to ban some specific pesticides, that contain neonicotinoids are killing bees. These types of synthetic pesticides have been first introduced in the 1990s and are known to be harmful to both humans and animals. (more…)

Horse Trailer Converted into Gypsy Wagon Style Tiny House

Tiny houses never cease to amaze as the possibilities are endless, you just need to let your creativity flow. They can be bland looking from the outside, but most of them hide a unique and exciting interior. This is not the case of this gipsy wagon, though, as it already captures the viewer thanks to its unique outlook. (more…)

Man Builds Off-Grid House Truck to Travel the World

If you’re tired of living a life in a big and crowded city, then going off the grid and living on the road might be the way to go. You can get inspired by this cool home on wheels, a 1982 Bedford MJ ex-army lorry turned into a house. (more…)

Toys for Goats to Keep Them Busy

Animals require a lot of care and attention, but also dedicated toys and playtime. So while finding the perfect toy for a small pet can be an easy job, when it comes to other domesticated animals, the task becomes harder. For instance, have you ever seen a toy for goats displayed in a pet store? (more…)

Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

The creation of plastic in 1907 marks an important point in mankind and the history of Earth. It is the year in which we created one of the most durable, but also environmentally harmful materials and we are starting to face the consequences now. (more…)

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