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Sicily is offering to pay for half your flights and a third of your hotel costs if you visit later this year

The beautiful country of Italy was among the hardest-hit nations by the novel coronavirus. Italy is well-known for its great cuisine and amazing places that attract a high number of tourists every year, but now people have seconds thoughts about whether they should visit or not.
Since a large part of Italy’s economy is based on tourism, more specifically 13% of its GDP, things are looking quite grim this year. But Sicily, the southern Italian island, thought about a special offer for this (more…)

You and 19 friends could rent an entire castle in California for $129 a night

How would you like to spend a night in a real castle for just $129 per person? This dream can become a reality by just a click, as you can book this amazing Southern California-based castle for you and your friends.
The Castle in the Forest is a stunning 10,000 square feet residence and can sleep 20 people but can also be rented for events such as small get-togethers.
Among its rooms, you will find a game room, a pub for hosting parties, and even a wine cellar. (more…)

Dad Transforms Daughter’s Wheelchair Into Cinderella’s Carriage

This next story is a beautiful example of dreams coming true and parenting at its finest.

Josh Jaconelli, a Glasgow-based dad, wanted to make his daughter Ava the nicest costume ever and make her feel like a princess. Ava is 6 years old and, in a wheelchair, and retail stores don’t have a lot of costume options for disabled children, so the parents need to get as creative as they can. (more…)

Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floor

Paul Philips from Oaklahoma decided to build his dream home in the middle of a pond so he can practice his favorite hobby anytime.
Since he loves fishing, he decided to place his home on the pond and made a trap door in his living room so he can fish while sitting on the couch. This sounds crazy, but it is true. (more…)

Loggerhead turtle’s journey tracked 37,000km from Cape Town in South Africa to Australia

A group of scientists decided to track a large turtle’s journey in the ocean after spending 20 years in captivity and being set free, and their findings are truly amazing. (more…)

DIY Awesome FIRE PIT Patio

This Summer spending time outdoors will be a priority as it’s the safest way to meet friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic.
If you have a large outdoor space and want to make it more attractive, you can build a rounded outdoor patio or fire pit. (more…)

Miniature PIZZA OVEN Made From Mini Bricks

If you like miniature modeling, then you surely have an entire collection of tiny objects that you’ve built. Here’s another one to add to your collection, a miniature pizza oven that you can make at home. (more…)

Amazon is selling a motorized pool float that lets you effortlessly move around the water

Summer has come, which for many people means long afternoons spent lounging by the pool.
PoolCandy’s Tube Runner is an inflatable pool float that can be controlled with a joystick. (more…)

DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer Coolers

Really, what is better than a patio table with a built in cooler! Who really wants to get up to get another beer? (more…)

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