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Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado is a Brazilian photojournalist, had a traumatizing experience nearly 30 years ago when he was documenting the terrible events he witnessed in Rwanda during the genocide.
After returning home, his initial plan was to take care of the family business, (more…)

This Street Artist Transforms Cement Blocks into Amazing Illusions

Illusion art is great, as the possibilities it offers are endless and Portuguese artist, Odeith is a master at it. He uses spray paint to create his works and concrete blocks as a medium, and the results are stunning visual pieces that come to life right before the viewer’s eyes. (more…)

Sunflower-Inspired House Moves Towards the Sun Just Like Plants Do

Keeping up with the ever-changing modern world is not easy, but architecture is always an inspiring area to look into to find inspiration and learn more about the world.
Modernism architecture emphasizes the reconnection with nature and creating spaces that not only look amazing but are also functional. Koichi Takada launched a challenge for architects and (more…)

A Skull Toilet

Bernie’s Mittens Crochet Pattern

Crochet your own Bernie Sanders doll! This pattern has many photos to help with all the details this doll is made with including hair, glasses, the mask and mittens. (more…)

German City Installs Sleep Pods for Homeless

Being homeless is a burden in itself, not to mention that in the cold season it can be even more painful. Low temperatures pose real life-threats to people living on the streets, so city councils are constantly searching for alternative shelter solutions in the Winter.
Germany has a population of almost 860,000 homeless people and a company from Ulm is leading the way in building safe spaces for people living on the streets. (more…)

15,000-Year-Old Bison Sculptures Are Perfectly Preserved in a Cave

Over the years lots of stunning ancient art pieces have been discovered by researchers, and these sculptures are no different. Inside a cave system in Southwest France, archaeologists discovered a clay piece that is a sculpture of two bison.

The cave can be found near the River Volp and the sculptures date back to the Paleolithic, estimated to around 13,000 BCE. (more…)

97-Year-Old Grandpa Saves Village by Painting Buildings with Colorful Art

Huang Yung-fu who lives in Taiwan has gained the nickname „Rainbow Grandpa” after saving his village with the power of art. The 97-year-old resident of Taichung village faced a serious issue 10 years ago when the government decided to build an apartment complex where his village stands. (more…)

26″ Hot Wheels and Matchbox Car Display Rack

Unique display rack for Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Handmade with finished natural wood slats. Can hold up to 75 cars. This is available in the link below… (more…)

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