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Handmade Round Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Table


For lovers of all things vintage, the base of this coffee table is a genuine oak whiskey barrel that once called a Tennessee distillery home. Reclaimed and repurposed into an artisan-crafted table, the hinged pine top opens to ample storage. A hand-stained finish highlights the weathered beauty. The authenticity of the barrels, (more…)

Creative Family Birthday Board Idea


I found this creative idea to keep track of birthdays .. that can be a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or simply as a gift for yourself for your own home item. This sign has Family’s birthday’s listed as hanging tags with name and day hung under the appropriate month. (more…)

Awesome Outdoors Aquarium


This Patio Aquarium from Elmdene Patio Garden Art can bring life and tranquility to any outdoor area or conservatory. It has been proven through normal British summer and winter seasons to keep fish and plants active all year round. This is due to their special construction, built in heaters and filtration systems.


Cute Kitty / Puppy House


This collapsible Pet house provides stylish, comfortable and secure resting place for your princess. What could be more beautiful for your adorable kitty or puppy than spoil it with this cute pink house. Lightweight body for easy movable around and made of durable fabric supported by cushioning foam. (more…)

Beautiful Natural Stone Paths


A beautiful garden does not have to be a big garden, pompous or located in a wonderful landscape. It would be ideal, but a beautiful garden to be, primarily,it must be organized and neat. Then follow the other aspects that need to be considered: space, furniture, accessories…Natural stone paths are favorites landscapers with fine tastes.Natural stone paths are favorites landscapers with fine tastes.The paths of sand, gravel or crack:Resulting paths will be one hundred percent natural and organic.The charm of this material has proven: Imagine a red geranium grown at the edge of any with white marble pebbles and you will understand the effect. How does it look ?


Stacked Planters For Your Home Sweet Home

stacked-planters -Home-Sweet-Home

With a few steps you can transform boring pots into a sweet vertical garden. In the following lines I will show you how to decorate your home entrance with wonderful and creative stacked planters, having a lovely true message: “Home Sweet Home”. It is very simple. All you need are a few things like pots, paint, paper, cutter and some plants and flowers. In the image above you can see the steps and how they will look. (more…)

Weatherproof Ravello Heart Outdoor Lounge Set


Outdoor lounge sets are increasingly popular and the Ravello is perfect for the deck or patio. You could add a cantilever parasol to shade you on those long hot Summer days. The cushions on this set are completely rain resistant. Aluminium frame with hand woven in “Greywash or Black ” All Weather Weave which is weatherproof, UV resistant and strong. The material is processed to be very flexible and to tolerate a wide range of climatic activity. It is also soft to the touch.

How to Make a Watermelon Keg


A fresh idea, perfect to a party with friends. Instead of serving the same old selection of beer and wine at your end-of-summer bash, turn a ripe watermelon into a makeshift keg filled with your favorite party beverage or punch. Not only will this be a conversation starter, it’s downright delicious! (more…)

Awesome Inflatable Floating Island

Inflatable-floating -island

Perfect to be used in a pool, lake or even the ocean, this inflatable floating island is a  great way for you and for your family / friends to relax in this summer in the sun. This awesome inflatable island is a fully packed float including cup holders, built-in coolers, back rests, boarding platforms, and mesh bottom seating! This inflatable island is available below… (more…)

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