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This Theme Park Allows Children To Operate Construction Machinery

Theme parks are very popular in the US and they captivate both children and adults in the same way. From waterslides to rollercoasters and all sorts of fun machinery, theme parks are filled with exciting ways to spend your free time.

But there is one theme park in West Berlin, New Jersey that pops out from the crowd and it is called Diggerland. (more…)

27 DIYs Made From Old Upcycled Car Parts

Who said old car parts can’t be used for DIY projects? Not all old car parts are useless, and some can find new purposes in the form of furniture, accessories, and even art. (more…)

‘Dinosaurs’ Is Coming To Disney+ This Fall

If you are among those who have grown up with the Dinosaurs series, then you’re going to be delighted by the great news. The popular show will make a comeback this fall, as Disney+ announced that it will be airing it.
If this is all new to you, then here’s a little intro: Dinosaurs is a series from the 1990s, which originally aired on ABC and ran for 4 seasons. The show centers on a family of dinosaurs named the Sinclairs, and presents their life in a „modern world”. (more…)

This Man Built His Wife a Mini Chicken Coop Town and it’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Mitzi Ballard has a lot of chickens, so her husband decided to build her the most amazing DIY chicken coop. Since she didn’t have a dedicated space for her chickens in her yard, her husband decided to help her out and transformed their outdoor space in a true resort for the little chicks. (more…)

Face Shield Masks for Kids

The face shield includes protective film, please peel/remove it before use in order to get a clear view.
Elastic band, easy to wear, suitable for various face shapes and sizes. (more…)

Homeless Man Becomes Millionaire By Building Beaches In People’s Backyards

Sometimes there comes an opportunity in life that can turn your life around in the blink of an eye. The 35-years-old Eric White used to be a homeless man but now he is a millionaire.
He is the owner of Zydeco Construction, a Louisiana-based business that specializes in building beaches in backyards. (more…)

These Baby Succulents Are Awesome!

Succulents are starting to become more and more popular, as they look adorable and are easy to take care of. They come in so many shapes and colors that you can never get tired of them. (more…)

Tiny Ramp For Your Pool That Helps Save Animals From Drowning

This pool accessory is such a great idea and one that will help you do good to other living beings. If you have a pool you probably found lots of tiny dead critters that have drowned in your pool and it’s not a pleasant sight or thought. (more…)

Barcelona Opera House Reopens With Concert for 2,292 Plants

After the Coronavirus related lockdown, life is slowly starting to return to cities. Concerts and large gatherings are still not permitted, but the Barcelona Opera house found a very ingenious way to trick the law. (more…)

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