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Archeologists Discover a Perfectly Preserved 4,000-Year-Old Tomb in Egypt

Egypt is full of hidden treasures and archaeologists have yet again uncovered an ancient tomb. It is a colorful tomb in Saqqara, the place of some of the oldest pyramids. The tomb is in an excellent state, and its paintings look so fresh and clean, even though they were made 4,000 years ago. (more…)

Illustrator Documents the Things She Discovers During Her Outdoor Adventures

Nature can offer so many, from resources to peace of mind and even artistic inspiration, and illustrator Jo Brown agrees with the latter. She is a UK-based artist who documents her outdoor explorations in the colorful Nature Journals collection.
Brown fills notebooks with stunning plant and animal drawings accompanied by notes of her findings, just like a true botanist would do. Her drawings are filled with vibrant colors, making them pop out from the pages of the notebook and the works are the result of many hours spent outdoors observing the environment. (more…)

Compassionate Crafter Makes Look-Alike Dolls for Children With Physical Differences

Amy Jandrisevits is an amazing crafter who is doing great things for children with disabilities, as she designed a line of toys that help them feel represented.
She was previously a social worker, who worked with people from different backgrounds and understands social issues and traumas. Jandrisevits now specialized in dolls that look alike to the children for whom they are designed, representing their physical differences in an honest way. (more…)

Artist Turns Discarded Silverware and Scrap Metal Into Striking Animal Sculptures

They say that one’s trash is someone else’s treasure, and Matt Wilson is here to prove this with his works. He is a sculptor who creates beautifully unique pieces out of scrap metal and silverware and loves to upcycle old items.
Wilson is based in Carolina and goes by the pseudonym Airtight Artwork. Most of his works represent animal sculptures and his very first work was a bird sculpture that he made in 2017. Since then, he extended his collection, which now includes cats, squirrels, and even insects, all looking futuristic and almost robotic. (more…)

Unique Tables Designed to Look Like Animals Are Half-Submerged in Water

There is constant competition among interior designers to create the perfect design piece, one that catches everyone’s attention and gets the best reviews.
Derek Pearce made a series of pieces that have the potential to become truly big, and they are called Water Tables. Each of these unique tables displays an animal as their base, and they look like they were underwater, emerging from the surface of the table. It is an illusion created by blending the wooden animal sculptures with the glass tabletop and each piece is fascinating. (more…)

Street Artist Paints a Bridge in Germany to Look Like Giant LEGO Bricks

LEGO bricks are a lovely childhood memory for most people, except for the ones who once stepped on that painful little piece of plastic. But jokes aside, LEGO is a great toy to enhance both creativity and logic, and in 2011 a street artist named Megx (Martin Heuwold) paid his respects to this great design. (more…)

Street Artist Decorates 115-Foot Water Tower With Portraits of Local Birds

The city of Gien is located in France, along the Loire River and it has recently become home to a beautiful mural painted on the facade of its 115-foot tall water tower.
The piece is the work of a Spanish street artist, called Taquen, who painted the piece in July. The work took two weeks to complete and features portraits of local birds painted in pastel colors. (more…)

Photographer Spends 10 Years Capturing 48 Stunning Colors of the Moon

Marcella Pace is an Italian primary school teacher, who has a passion for the Moon and photography. The pairing of the two developed her interest in astrophotography until she became such a pro that even NASA selected some of her works for their Astronomy Photo of the Day. (more…)

Simple Hack Turns Pumpkins Into Creepy Eyeballs

With all the DIY tutorials available thanks to the Internet, it has become very easy to come up with unique Halloween decorations. It only takes a few clicks to find the best and scariest idea and some patience to craft it over the weekend.
If you are still searching for the perfect decoration, then this pumpkin turned into an eyeball might be (more…)

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