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The beautiful Blue-footed Booby

The blue-footed booby is a beautiful marine bird native to subtropical and tropical regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is one of six species of the genus Sula, known as boobies.
It is easily recognizable by its distinctive bright blue feet, which is a sexually selected trait. Continue reading “The beautiful Blue-footed Booby” »

Small cosy house with eco pool, green roof and vegetable garden

Small cosy house, very stylish, great living space and absolutelly stunning garden with lake and many many plants, just wow.
This Cottage is Situated in Sankt Corona am Wechsel in the Lower Austria region. Continue reading “Small cosy house with eco pool, green roof and vegetable garden” »

Seashell Angel Wings

Abalone & seashell angel wings for home decor.

They are approximately 12″ x 14″ and made from silver abalone and a starfish. Silver abalone have a beautiful irredescent color to them and are just beautiful on these wings. Continue reading “Seashell Angel Wings” »

Crochet Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover

Cute sunflower steering wheel cover is hand crochet in retro vintage granny square style. It’s a great way to add hippie & boho chic floral vibes to your car’s interior. Continue reading “Crochet Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover” »

Chicken Egg Lamp

This chicken eggs lamp exists and we love it.
If you’re looking for a new lamp for a ranch, farm or country-style home, the eggs lamp is the way to go, as this lamp is not only considered a work of art, but a one-of-a-kind piece. This is available in the link below… Continue reading “Chicken Egg Lamp” »

83-Year-Old Yachtsman Becomes Oldest Person to Sail Across Pacific Ocean Alone

83-year-old Kenichi Horie arrived in his home port on Sunday after becoming the oldest person to sail solo in a nonstop voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading “83-Year-Old Yachtsman Becomes Oldest Person to Sail Across Pacific Ocean Alone” »

You Can Plant Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers

By far the most beautiful sunflower I’ve ever personally grown. I love flowers that are colors that aren’t typical of their species.
Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers are the new hip thing on the Internet. If you thought that sunflowers can only be yellow, it means you haven’t met the Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry one yet. It seems that there are a lot of other varieties of sunflowers, Continue reading “You Can Plant Midnight Oil Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers” »

Octopus Coffee Mug Holder

The statue has a realistic appearance, and unique and interesting shape, which adds interest to your home decoration. People with a sense of humor will always like this product on your desk. Continue reading “Octopus Coffee Mug Holder” »

This Massive DIY 2900 Sq Ft Cabin Kit Is Now Available On Amazon

There is almost nothing that can’t be ordered on Amazon, and this cabin is the living proof. Once you start browsing, you will enter a black hole of infinite cabin kits on Amazon, that can be ordered to build a cabin by yourself. Continue reading “This Massive DIY 2900 Sq Ft Cabin Kit Is Now Available On Amazon” »

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