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Man Builds Tiny Village for Adorable Family of Mice Found Living in His Garden

Simon Dell is a photographer who adopted a family of mice that live in his garden and built a tiny wonderland for them.
One day when he was outside photographing birds, he noticed something tiny moving in the grass. Taking a closer look, he saw a mouse standing on two feet and decide to adopt it as a pet. Little did Dell known that his garden was home to an entire mice family. After (more…)

How to Grow Tulips in a Vase

  1. Choose a glass vase and add enough clear marbles or pebbles to fill about a third of the vase.
  2. Add the tulip bulb (pointed end up) on top of the marbles. Cover the bulb with a few more marbles or pebbles to help give the growing root support.
  3. Add fresh water into the vase. The water shouldn’t touch the bulb, but it should be very close, so that the roots will grow in
  4. Watch your beautiful tulips grow.


Artist Uses a Chainsaw to Carve a Fantastical Dragon Bench

At first hearing, the name „chainsaw art” might sound a bit peculiar to those unfamiliar with the term. But chainsaw art requires the mastering of a heavy tool and becoming one with it so that the carved wood can result in something delicate.

Estonian artist, Igor Loskutow, is an award-winning chainsaw art master who has carved some of the most amazing (more…)

Photographer Spends 20 Years Capturing Photos of Microscopic Plankton

Ryo Minemizu is a marine life photographer who is dedicated to capturing the most stunning pictures of the smallest underwater organisms: plankton.

His main shooting spots are Mount Fiji in the Osezaki sea and just outside the Okinawa coast and he searches the secrets of deep waters to find his subjects. Minemizu’s passion transcends the hobby level and he is truly dedicated to finding his subjects, often spending even eight hours underwater trying to take the perfect shot. (more…)

This African Gray Parrot Is the First Animal To Ever Ask an Existential Question

Dr. Irene Pepperberg is known for her groundbreaking research in animal psychology and especially in birds and Alex the African parrot was one of her subjects.
Alex was Pepperberg’s colleague for 30 years until his death in 2007 and helped her achieve a real breakthrough in studying the behavior of birds. Birds were not known for their intelligence until more in-depth studies, but Pepperberg proved that African gray parrots have superior cognition mechanisms. (more…)

Couple Finds Over 60 Bottles of Smuggled Whiskey From Prohibition Times Hidden in Their Walls

A couple in upstate New York stumbled upon a rare treasure in their home. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker live in Ames, New York in an old house that had surprising secrets hiding in its walls.
Legends have already circulated about the old house and it was known to be owned by a German (more…)

The Woodnest Cabins Are Tiny Self-Supported Treehouses in the Norwegian Forest

Remote gateways are enjoying a lot of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, as everyone is looking to stay as secluded and safe as possible.
Woodnest cabins is pure heaven on Earth for anyone looking for privacy, and it is located in Odda, Norway. The modern capsules are small wooden tree houses and are attached to the trunks of trees by a steel collar. (more…)

Adorable Little Chicken Potholder

These zany little chickens definitely march to the beat of their own drums! They are fun, funky, unconventional, and will make a welcomed addition to anyone’s kitchen décor. These are available in the link below…


Kelly Mallory
This pattern is soooo cute! I’ve already made 4 of these trivets! Instructions were very clear, and the photos helped a lot. Love!

Marian Boyes
Love, love, love this Chicken pattern!!! I’m new to crochet and with a little help from a video Sarah sent me, I was able to complete my chicken! Can’t wait to make more! 🙂


Find it HERE…

This Flat Street in Montreal Is a Visual Playground That Looks Like Undulating Sand Dunes

This amazing installation is located outside of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and it reenacts the surface of dunes. The Moving Dunes project was developed by a Montreal-based architecture firm named NÓS, and it is a giant mural of ripples and geometric forms.
The project is a part of the 2018th MMFA exhibition, From Africa to the Americas: Face-to-Face Picasso, Past and Present and it is a homage to cubism painters and their vision. As the installation is part of a larger exhibition, the museum felt the need to extend it to the outside world too, and immerse passers-by into the world of art. (more…)

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