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This Photographer Visited Peru And Here Are 31 Beautiful Birds That He Found

Peru is home to many amazing bird species, and when this talented photographer went there for a visit, he took advantage and captured the most amazing pictures.

Supreet Sahoo from India is a wildlife photographer, and instead of photographic the natural wonders of Peru, he thought that its birds need to be the focus of attention this time. (more…)

This $1.7 million camper van built on a Ford F-750 can sleep 6 people and go off-road in any season — see inside

Maybe If you buy a lottery ticket, you at least have a chance of owning one.

EarthRoamer created a $1.7 million tiny home built on a four-wheel-drive Ford F-750 chassis.

EarthRoamer specializes in producing expedition vehicles that counter the idea of a “traditional RV lifestyle” by creating a more self-sufficient and rugged camper van. In line with this motto, the XV-HD has been optimized for off-roading during every season. (more…)

This Robot Planter Follows The Sunlight & Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It

Forgetting to water your plants or simply watering them incorrectly, can cause problems that will affect their health and aspect. Since having plants in your home has lots of benefits, it is highly important to nurture them in the right way.
If you have a lot of plants home but don’t know how to care for them properly, then this little robot planter called Hexa Plant might come in (more…)

Mom makes ‘hug time’ device so her kids can give Nana a hug

A mom in Illinois came up with a way for her kids to hug their Nana while doing their best to keep her safe.

Carly Marinaro created a “hug time” device which would allow her children to wrap their arms around their Nana. She says she came up with the idea after seeing a similar video online where people wore plastic bags. (more…)

Photographer Captures The Perfect Shot Of Stunning Bald Eagle

The perfect shot takes a lot of patience to be captured, especially if we are talking about nature/wildlife photography. Since timing is essential in this type of photography, it also takes a bit of luck to nail the perfect picture.

But there are times when the planets align and everything is in the photographer’s favor, such as in this case when Canadian photographer Steven Biro took the greatest picture of a bald eagle. (more…)

Alaskan Pioneer Builds Rolling Log Cabin on a 1996 Ford F-350

Man spends $26,000 transforming pick-up into dream motorhome with porch

A log cabin on wheels sounds like a strange concept, but it can work if built by some capable hands.
This awesome small log cabin in the back of a 1996 Ford F-350 truck was built in Alaska and is owned by Tim Johnson.

He invested only $26,000 in his dream house and the truck is also included in this price. Tim wanted to have mobility and the comfort of a larger log house, so he added a stove, 2 couches, a television, and a toilet to his home on wheels. (more…)

A family of 4 built a private tiny-house village where the kids have their own homes.

Tiny homes will never go out of style as they are affordable and easy to build. This Kentucky-based family has built a small village of tiny homes for the entire family, so they can all live in the same place but still maintain their privacy. (more…)

Mermaid Tail Succulents Bring The Ocean Vibes Right Into Your Home

Succulents that will make you feel closer to the ocean? Yes, they do exist and they are called Mermaid tail succulents and will give out the perfect amount of ocean vibes for your home. They are called like that as they resemble a mermaid’s tail and they will look beautiful in your home. If you are not great (more…)

Plant owner waters succulent for TWO YEARS before realising its fake

A plant owner who religiously watered her ‘perfect’ succulent for two years has discovered it was fake all along.

The woman said she kept her green plant alive on the kitchen window for all these years, and she would regularly clean the leaves. (more…)

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