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School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

A tiny house can have many shapes and forms, and for those who love adventures, they might also come attached to wheels. There are lots of people who chose the off-the-grid life and don’t want to settle upon a single place, so they transform busses into their permanent homes.

This next tiny house idea is a converted school bus, which once the seats are removed from can become a comfy home. Also, school buses are a great option as they are very durable since they are built for the long-run and all types of roads. In comparison to RVs, school buses are more affordable as they cost somewhere between $3k and $7k, depending on their mileage. (more…)

Seashells Turned into Trinket Dishes

Finding new mediums and canvases is an intriguing task for contemporary artists and many of them choose to express themselves in unconventional ways. From painting on teabags to leaves and other unexpected objects, artists are in constant search of reinventing themselves and art. (more…)

The World-Famous Easter Island Heads Have Hidden Bodies Underground

The iconic Easter Island sculptures, the Easter Island heads hide an intriguing detail that is not known by many. It turns out that their name is not very accurate, as these sculptures have a body too, that stayed hidden for a long time.

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui by its native name, lies in Oceania’s Polynesian Triangle and is a volcanic island, one of the most remote islands on Earth. (more…)

This Portable E-Motor Turns Any Bicycle Into an E-Bike

Electric bicycles are a sought after item in this world we live in that seems to be constantly in a hurry and on a fast-forward mode. But what if you already own a bike that you love and would love to be able to transform it into an electric one? (more…)

Whimsical Gardens Grow From Silk Tea Cups and Mossy Patches in Rosa Andreeva’s Embroideries

Rosa Andreeva is a Moscow based artist who creates stunning silk embroideries representing colorful gardens full of flowers and plants. Her stitchwork is characterized by abundance and lush scenes, from cracked teapots that hide lots of intricate details to works that illustrate ponds and butterflies. (more…)

60,000 Bees Recreate the Nefertiti Bust and Other Classic Sculptures in Wax

Tomáš Libertíny is a Slovakian artist who chose a very interesting medium and contributor in helping him with his latest pieces.
His amazing wax sculptures have been made with the help of 60,000 bees responsible for forming the outer layers of his „Nefertiti Bust” and „Brutus”. (more…)

Amazing Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Miners in Uruguay

Miners in Uruguay have discovered an amazing heart-shaped Amethyst geode, right at the border of Uruguay and Brazil. When the miners have split the rock, they found an incredible gem inside and their pictures took the Internet by storm quickly.
Marcos Lorenzelli from Uruguay Minerals said that it was a difficult day that one, as the land, (more…)

Parrot With Damaged Beak Gets Second Chance at Life With New Prosthetic Beak

After getting his beak damaged, this cute little parrot was in trouble and needed a quick fix to ensure his survival. Without a fully functional beak, birds are lost as they can’t properly feed or protect themselves.
The NGO called Renascer ACN is based in Brazil and they were the ones who found the parrot and give him a second chance by reconstructing its beak using prosthetics. Renascer ACN teamed up with Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió, (more…)

Wanted: A farmer. Successful organic farm is closing because no one wants to run it

Ten years of planning, 10 years of want ads and hope and worry, ended one day in October when Don Kretschmann realized it wasn’t going to work; no one was going to step in.
This was going to be the last harvest at Kretschmann Family Organic Farm. (more…)

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