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House On Wheels – TerraCross


The house is a place to spend time with people we love, place to live and shelter from heat and rain. A house is generally built on a parcel of land at a particular location and can not move but what do we have here? A Car House! The company UNICAT developed this vehicle home called TerraCross. UNICAT pursues a simple ambition: a vehicle must afford safety and comfort and, above all, prove itself in everyday travelling. (more…)

Give your old chair a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden


Old chairs can be used as decorations. You can make particularly interesting decorations for the garden. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for using chairs in our gardens. Here are a few examples:


A Dream Stove For Any Kitchen


A Thermador kitchen is more luxurious, more efficient and more beautiful than any other kitchen. Because for seven decades, Thermador has been at the forefront of fusing the art and science of design and ingenuity. From introducing the first built-in oven almost 50 years ago to revolutionizing gas cooktops with the patented Star Burner; and from designing the first retractable downdraft ventilation system to advancing speed cooking technology; Thermador has helped transform the American kitchen. (more…)

Awesome Glow-In-The-Dark Pebbles


Glow-in-the-dark pebbles mark a path or highlight a flower bed. 100 piece set Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique acrylic pebbles. After being exposed to daylight, these pebbles glow in the dark. Glow lasts approximately two to three hours after full sun exposure.These are a flat marble size and are made of a poly resin material. You can find this on Amazon (here)

Amazing Leaf Table


How does it look this amazing leaf table ? Designed by John Makepeace, this beautiful leaf table is one of a series of large ‘leaf’ tables made from mulberry and polished bronze. John Makepeace’s career has been an adventure in wood. He first saw fine furniture being made when he was eleven, and then he visited the great cabinet makers in Copenhagen as a teenager. Design and craftsmanship came naturally to him. (more…)

Build a Deck and Add a New Space to Your Home


As I said a while ago, when I posted some unique deck design ideas, having a unique space will create a better mood and is aesthetically pleasing. About this we talk now. Create your deck and add a new space to your home where you can relax and spend time with your family. And with Trex the maintenance problems with wood decks don’t come. So you’re time is spent relaxing on your deck, not working on it. Under their warranty, (more…)

Beautiful Rustic Pieces of Furniture for the House or Garden


I found a passion for building timberframe structures to Duncan Dodds (local carpenter/joiner) and Tim Atkins (experienced chainsaw carving artist) from Artisan Structures, that are based in the Newmarket area in Suffolk. Their other passion is creating beautiful rustic pieces of furniture for the house or garden, using a wide range of hardwoods, letting the beauty of the wood come through. They can work from sketched ideas or CAD designs from an architect. (more…)

Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot


Innovative and unique, the Midget Bushtrekka trailer from Kamp-Rite is perfect for the bicycle or camping enthusiast. The one-of-a-kind pivoting wheelset and alloy wheels make for a comfortable ride over most terrain; safety reflectors and safety tape offer nighttime visibility. And when you’re finished trekking for the day, open up the included Oversized Tent Cot for a great night’s rest! (more…)

A Masterpiece Made From Wood by Alegna


With many years of experience in yacht building and the processing of high-quality woods, the Swiss manufacturer Alegna comes with an elegant wooden bathtub of perfect quality. The soft curved and stable form of the design reflects the running water as well as a warm aura. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Laguna range of bathtubs, (more…)

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