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Ceramic Cascade Solar Fountain


These creative solar fountains fits perfect in your yard or patio, in different colors like green, blue and many other color combinations. Water tumbles from one glazed ceramic vessel to the next and then recycles back to the top via a hidden solar-powered pump. The solar panel can be placed up to 16 feet from the water fountain and moved to capture maximum power from the sun’s rays. (more…)

Home Made Vitamin Water


If you aren’t a big fan of plain water or, simply, you want an extra dose of vitamins, then here is an ingenious solution. You can make your own vitamin water using herbs and fresh fruits. All you have to do is to add fruits instead of sugar for a natural sweetener for your water. So, cut the fruit into small chunks or paper-thin slices. Combine ingredients with water and refrigerate 5 hours. (more…)

Creative Whatever Wall Clock


This quirky wall clock tells time like no other. You can celebrate what it means to be fashionably late with the Whatever wall clock. Jumbled numbers appear to fall off the dial but it doesn’t matter to you! On the other hand it is a perfect gift for those retirees, summer homes, chronically late people or anyone who doesn’t need to care about time or being on time! (more…)

How to Make a Special Bottle Fence


Why not try something special in this summer? Make a creative and unique bottle fence .. drill a hole in the bottom of each bottle, then run rebar through the bottles. Can you imagine how stunning it would be when the sun goes through it? At least it is a inspiration model … (more…)

Amazing Log Pool Tables


These amazing pool tables are made using logs from Colorado and Wyoming. A very unique table handcrafted in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, this billiard table is sure to capture attention in any rustic retreat. Each and every angle offers a different view of this wood’s unique character. Lodgepole burl logs are harvested from the high mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. Each log is carefully selected, sanded and finished revealing great character and beauty. (more…)

Impressive Flooring Pieces Inspired from “Reptiles”


Inspired from “Reptiles” one of the most impressive Escher arts, these flooring pieces have a lizards geometric design and was used to rehabilitation of a building on Calle Pio XII in Madrid. How does it look? (more…)

Cast in Stone: DIY Landscape Accent


You can use a large rhubarb leaf as a guide for sculpting these stepping-stones and completed a pretty, sure-footed path through the garden in a couple of hours. Hard as rock, concrete ornaments are easy to make. Even better, this versatile outdoor material is low cost and prettier than you might think. Try these techniques for customizing, shaping, and finishing a unique and charming path with a rhubarb leaf.


Walk in Closet Home Design


We have seen a lot of extravagant, sightly and stylish walk-in-closets, but almost all of them need a large space. Now, we have the solution for a small space to look stylish and to include all your clothes: a design that is based firstly on ergonomics and space saving. To create this walk-in-closet you need only 37ft² (3.5m²). (more…)

Play Kitchen Made from TV Cabinet


A great recycling idea .. this play kitchen made from TV cabinet , is a fabulous DIY project that definitely worth re-sharing. (more…)

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