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Spectacular and Original: Miller/Carr Residence

Secluded in the middle of a forest the Miller/Carr Residence designed by LLB Architects is sited amongst the trees and rocks that the owner adventured through as a child. The two story traditional bar with gable ends is clad in Alaskan yellow cedar and contains the private areas of the home. The one story contemporary bar (more…)

The Smallest House : 1 Square Meter [photos and video]

What are the limits of architecture? Those same limits that define the home, which, as the world’s smallest house proves, need not be greater than one square meter. Designed by Van Bo Le-Metnzel, a native of Laos and one time refugee, the “One-Square-Meter House” was inspired by his personal history and those experiences that led him to explore the architecture of home. The house is easy to assemble and can be fabricated using everyday materials from (more…)

The Ideal Sofa for your Pet

Everywhere are a lot of puppy and cat fans. Daily we see a lot of pictures with cute puppy or nice kitties shared anywhere and anytime on internet. A new piece of furniture is always a reason of happiness for your pets. They begin to check it, to play around it, to scratch using the corners or simply climb on it like it always been there.Well, cat lovers, if you own a cat, there`s also a piece of furniture that will make her glad, because it is specially designed for it. A sofa. But not a (more…)

Amazing Banyan Tree Seychelles

Picture the sun on your skin, sand at your feet and time on your hands. At Banyan Tree Seychelles resort, placed on the south-western coastline of Mahé Island, 60 amazing villas welcome you. Banyan Tree Seychelles, a beautiful paradise surrounded by flora and fauna, is perfect for a great holiday or for the vacation of a lifetime. (more…)

Swimming Pleasure on a Rainy Day with Telescopic Pool Enclosures

A super cool and easy to operate pool enclosure that will not only take away the maintenance problem, but also adds to the aesthetics. Designed by Inter Pool Cover Team, the telescopic pool enclosure is a stunning cover for your swimming pool that helps keep it in best form even in the worst weather conditions. Offering year-round protection to your pool, this transparent, telescopic enclosure gives you the perfect luxurious swimming experience. In case it begins to pour, all you have to do is just activate the see-through enclosure and resume your swim while enjoying the picturesque view of the surroundings. An Air Fresh system generates active ventilation to the (more…)

Dasparkhotel – Tiny Tubular Hotel

Fun and interesting. It’s not a house; it’s a hotel in Austria called Dasparkhotel. The external simplicity surrounds an unexpectedly comfortable interior – full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. All other hotelery devices (Toilets, showers, minibar, cafe, etc) are supplied by the surrounding public space. For the free spirited minimalist traveler it sounds like an oasis.
Dasparkhotel is conceived and implemented primarily as a (more…)

A Beautiful Pond In Canton, Georgia

The homeowner wanted a beautiful pond and a deck, but he couldn’t decide which he wanted more for his house in Canton, Georgia. So he enlarged the deck and put two ponds in it. He used rigid plastic tubs for the ponds, setting them into “sandboxes” under the deck. The deck boards were cut to follow the edges of the tubs. All together, the two tubs hold about 500 gallons of water and contain 18 large goldfish.

20 Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

Looking for new design ideas for stylish teenage girls? In this post we will show you 20 pictures with maybe the most beautiful bedrooms design ideas for teenage girls. In this  set of 20 pictures which represent bedrooms,we tried to do a various selection on colors. Some rooms have serious and sober interiors, but we also will show the familiar and very popular pink, white and orange arrangements. The bedrooms are practical, small bookcases or shelving systems for (more…)

Wood & White Bathroom Collection by Kashani

Kashani is an Israeli company founded by brothers Efi and Shlomi Kashani. They combine  the art engineering capabilities with design skills to create the most beautiful bathroom furniture. A successful product is the collection “Wood & White” which is combining between wooden and interior paint in white.


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