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Creative Handmade Gourd Lamp


This great Handmade Gourd Lamps is made by Robert D (Gourdlight), which has small perforations on its surface for giving the impression of original lighting.  The designer says the lampshades are made of gourd- superb exotic fruit native in Africa, and at a very early time spread through the world by human migrations. The design of every lamp is (more…)

Awesome Collection of Vintage Room Designs by Timothy Oulton


We found an awesome collection of eclectic interiors merged with old-school elements by designer Timothy Oulton and thought of sharing them with you. Exhibiting glamour and creativity, each of the 20 interiors below was designed according to a given theme. As the designer says, some of them were inspired by the “Beat” culture of 1950s America, where writers and artists (more…)

Lenox Classics – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip


Lenox Classics – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip. With his ivory china body, 24 karat gold accents and expressive, hand-painted features, he’s a “chip” off the old block! That’s because Chip and his mother, Mrs. Potts, are both original Lenox sculptures based on the lovable characters from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Since Chip is a teacup, it’s only natural that a gold-trimmed handle serves as nose. (more…)

Modern and Minimalistic Design With Asymmetric Shape in Herzlyia, Israel


This house from Herzlyia, Israel has both a modern and a minimalistic design. With its slightly irregular shape a good distribution of the natural light in the house is assured.  It was designed by Sharon Neuman Architects studio, and has more then 215 square meters, comprised of a upper floor and a terrace, an ideal place for a drinking a tea or having a cup of coffee. The garden that surrounds the house (more…)

Creatively Functional Furniture Fascinated with Great Design Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence


Here is something for those of you who remember the Fibonacci Sequence from math classes (where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers) and also for those who don’t but still are fascinated with great design.  It turns out that there are many practical ways to use the matter than we initially learned. China’s Guangzhou based (more…)

Contemporary Style Apartment in Poland by Michel Design


Located in Wejherowo, Poland this 86 square contemporary styled apartment was designed by: Helena Michel and Adam Michel from Michel Design . The apartment has two bedrooms with open an space living room also having a kitchen or dining, one large bathroom, hallway and walk-in wardrobe. This modern apartment is both (more…)

Mister T Coffee Table Convertible Ottoman and Footrest


Multifunctional furniture become more and more popular and the following example is for sure worth for your attention.  “Mister T” is an occasional composed of a basket, a tray and two cushions. It was conceived to offer a several basic functionalities in one product, (more…)

Sensitive Boyfriend : Dreamy Pillow Cases


Designer Andrew Dryden created for the company Sensitive Boyfriend an set of two pillowcases romantic Dreamy Pillow Cases. We are especially loving the “Sensitive Boyfriend : Dreamy Pillow Cases” with his head on the dot dot dot and yours on the bubble (more…)

5 Most Popular Projects Presented on Home Design in January 2013


Dear Home Design readers, it is time to draw the line and see the posts that got most of your attention in the month of January. From clever furniture to amazing log home, this list is likely to surprise you. Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each project. (more…)

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