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Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes


Oreos and cupcakes: the perfect combination. We will show you today how to make this delicious desert at home. It is easy and the finished product will taste so good, that you won’t believe it. You will need: cupcake mix, Oreos, red M&Ms, black food gel color, food safe paintbrush, 2 piping bag. First of all, you have to make the cupcakes according to the instructions on the package of the cupcake mix. (more…)

Crochet a Lovely Set of Rainbow Nesting Baskets


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a set of seven rainbow nesting baskets. These baskets are great for storage, but they’re also perfect for teaching your little ones about colours and shapes! They can keep themselves busy for hours as they discover how to fit all the baskets together. (more…)

Disney Minnie Mouse Bedding Set


Minnie and her fluttery friends float across this sweet toddler bedding set filled with flowers. Your little one will love climbing into bed with Minnie and her friends. This adorable bedding set will surely brighten up your child’s room. The set includes Comforter, a standard pillowcase, flat top sheet and fitted bottom sheet. Disney Minnie Mouse Bedding Set (more patterns) is available on (more…)

How to make a Rose out of a Maple Leaves


The autumn is coming, and so are the autumn DIY/craft ideas. What we have here is an easy video tutorial about how to make a rose from maple leaves. We assure you that the final outcome is great! So… see what you need for fall leaves roses: (more…)

Most Beautiful Storybook Cottage Homes


All the following houses have something in common: they look as if they’ve been taken out of a fairy tale. They could easily fit into any Brothers Grimm story or fantasy movie, but still they are real. All these little cottages located in several parts of the world, have handmade details and are carefully crafted. (more…)

Cool DIY Idea: Painting out of River Pebbles


We are going to show you today how to make yourself a painting out of river pebbles. It is a cool DIY idea which is pretty simple to be put into practice. You need the following materials: (more…)

Chocolate Cupcakes With a Surprise Strawberry Center


Here’s a delicious desert for the weekend inspired by the LittleMomonthePrairie : chocolate cupcakes with a surprise strawberry center. They are very easy to be made, you don’t need to have any special cooking skills, and they are ready in 20 minutes. (more…)

How To Make A Rose From Orange Peel – DIY Orange Rose

orange-roses I found a video tutorial about how to make roses from orange peels. It’s easy, all you need is an orange and a knife. Cut the orange peel carefully and then roll it into a flower. By the way, you can decorate your food with fresh peel roses, or let them dry for few days and decorate your apartment. (more…)

Collapsible Camp Washing Station


I love the idea of outdoor kitchen, we have recently presented you a series of such projects. What we have this time is a homemade solution for camping ..  a collapsible camp washing station. It is easy to pack and carry it anywhere you want to spend a few days off the grid. This is not a  tutorial but it has some good ideas that you can expand on. (more…)

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