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Calming and Relaxing Effect with “Dim Sum” Rocking Chair


A number of studies have found the act of rocking releases endorphins in the body that produce a calming and relaxing effect. Netherlands company Montis created contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum. The relaxation provided by the rhythm of rocking also improves the ability to focus and concentrate. Aside from these benefits, there are few other products that evoke such a domestic feel. (more…)

Cleverly Bed Extension For Your Sweet Baby


Every mother wants to sleep closer to her sweet baby, but sometimes she is forced to put baby in his crib. Now this problem is solved with the ingenious cot that will send your baby off to dreamland closer to you. The cleverly designed Babybay is easily attached to any bed in a few easy steps, so that your baby can sleep close to Mum and Dad – finally, restful nights again for the whole family! [ see co-sleepers in the next page]


Amazing Rotating Sink has Cutting Board, Colander & More


Kitchen + Bath Artisans, is a full service design firm specializing in but not limited to kitchen and bath design. They also offer architectural and interior design and consultation services for residential and commercial projects. Tim Odom, principal of Kitchen + Bath Artisans was tasked to create an unmatched kitchen for his clients that reflect both their unique personality and the house’s surrounding beauty. “The common theme in this kitchen,” explains the designer, “is the subtle details that you don’t notice until you focus. (more…)

Cozy Small Apartment on the Edge of Modern Style


This apartment with a subtle interior design is not a large one but once you get accommodated to the environment, everything will seem to fit with harmony. The small hallway at the entrance gives you a rustic feeling but the modern furniture and the big mirror on the wall shine through. The fluffy couch in the living room gives a relaxing and a peacefull space to the apartment. (more…)

Wonderful Hand Carved Door Frame


The hand carved mahogany door frame can be for exterior or interior use. They may be used to add interest to an existing entry or to compliment a carved entryway. These frames can be made with any design requested by the client from Hugo Mesa Studio.


Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table


It’s a very original and ingenious coffee table that was crafted from a whiskey barrel. This recycled Whiskey barrel table features a spacious hinged tabletop that lifts to reveal a large storage area. The  whiskey barrel table was made of oak wood, a strong and durable material. As you can imagine, the coffee table had to be hand crafted.


Drill Gun Power Screwdriver


At first glance, seems funny, but the Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! That’s right Al Capone, time for you to get some house work done mafia style! It works just like a regular electric screwdriver. Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! (more…)

Delicious Strawberry Shortcake Snake

Fun and Delicious Strawberry Shortcake Snake

I found a very delicious recipe for a short cake that looks like a snake, very funny. With a few of strawberries fresh and other ingredients you can make this recipe. The kids will love this.


Wooden Finish Wall Unit Combinations From Hülsta


The German company Hülsta Furniture’s provides a outstanding quality for all their furnitures range. Their designs lend themselves to a minimalist styling. They boast flat front accents, clean lines and a myriad of multi-unit groupings. Excellent craftsmanship to cater for the most exacting of expectations. (more…)

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