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Tranquil Hiding Place With Magnificent Views Of Johannesburg,South Africa

The Westcliff Pavilion was designed by GASS Architecture Studios and is a steel-framed pavilion structure located on the Westcliff Ridge in Johannesburg, South Africa. This cottage has 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and a lounge with a kitchen and living room. This affords the building a private, tranquil hiding place in the trees juxtaposed with a feeling of floating above the ridge combined with magnificent views of Johannesburg. (more…)

Aquarium Furniture: Creative Coffee Table Aquarium

Have you thought about how would look such a table in your living room? If some time ago was a innovative table now already starting to become common for aquariums lovers. Why would you put an aquarium on cabinet or else when you can include it directly in furniture ? It is space-saving that you can enjoy (more…)

Innovative Eco Bath System by Jang Woo-Seok

Created by the South Koren designer Jang Woo-Seok, innovative Eco Bath system  is a dual water-tank designed primarily to recycle water rolling down from a washbasin. It is composed of two key parts including a left part having recycled water, while the right part comprises of tap water. Outwardly, it looks a normal water-tank except two levers and a single LED. (more…)

Coastal Cave House of French Designer Alexandre de Betak

Located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak. Inspired by cave dwellings, the interior takes on an organic form, even shelves appear to push forth from natural rock to cradle the family’s possessions. (more…)

Sleek Bathrooms by Danelon Meroni

Take a look on this sleek selection of bathrooms designed by the talent at Danelon Meroni: “We are product designers, dreamers and doers who want to do great work for ambitious clients”(more…)

Clever Glyndebourne Folding Picnic Table

This Glyndebourne folding picnic table may be a great and practical gift. Constructed with a high strength alloy frame and hardwood top and seats, it is very easy to set up and neatly folds to a manageable size. Protected by a green canvas carrying case.
The clever Glyndebourne folding picnic table incorporates seats that have survived the weight of four rugby players in unofficial tests. It costs (more…)

Space Saving With Multifunctional Furniture by Orla Reynolds

Starting from the idea of having more room within crowded spaces, this new space-saving solution from designer Orla Reynolds brings functional modern design, original and useful. According with OrlaAs if from nowhere… is an independently functioning bookcase which houses four dining chairs and (more…)

A Few Of My Favourite Things by The Fundamental Shop

Wouldn’t it be great to have an original shelving unit that makes up for a stunning wall accessory or a beautiful piece of furniture? According to the designers at The Fundamental Shop, A Few Of My Favourite Things is a desktop console or a wall shelf where you can place your most treasured artifacts. Handcrafted in Germany in solid Douglas Fir, the unit can be mounted vertically in a corner, or horizontally (more…)

Winter Knocking on the Door at La Luge Residence in Quebec

Winter knocking on the door and this contemporary home lying in the midst of the forest and designed by YH2 Architecture will soon seem sprung out of a fairytale.
The La Luge residence is located in Quebec, Canada, surrounded by dense vegetation preserving the house’s privacy, La Luge integrates a private spa which occupies almost a third of the useable area, adding on to th (more…)

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