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Creative Sofa Design, Inspired by Ancient Chinese Culture

Free of all convention, YIN YANG has its origins in the harmony of forms. YIN YANG unites the dynamic opposites of ancient Chinese philosophy into a harmonious interplay of color and form. Yin which means can be symbolized feminine, black, and is passive, while Yang is symbolized for masculine, bright, and are active. Both are elements that complement each other. A work of art that unites two elements into a flowing form was (more…)

Flintstone Home Inspires Modern Residence in Malibu, USA

Who has not seen at least one episode from the Flintstones, with original characters, became one of the most famous cartoons of all time. But who would have thought that its rocky homes could ever compete with the modern, minimalist residences that are so sought after today? Owned by American game-host Dick Clark and currently up for sale here, this one-of-a-kind home in Malibu, USA, not only comes with a great theme, but also with extensive views of the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles. (more…)

Spring Summoned Indoors With Daisy Garden Rug by Joe Jin

We found an interesting project about a playful and creative rug design, signed by Joe Jin, a young creative designer, who developed an studio Joe Jin Design Company Ltd in Toronto, Canada. According to the press release each hand-woven rug contains grass-like threads that conceal a YKK® fastening system that allow each artificial flower, equipped with a snap button center, to be added/removed/arranged/rearranged in 84 different locations. 4″ and 2.5″.  We invite you to see more detail about this interactive rug, and maybe you decide to have one like this in your home.


Cool Jazz Guitar Ice Stirrers


There are many shapes of ice cubes, but this it looks like the best of all. Maybe I like music or other interesting patterns I not seen, but I chose to share this product because can be perfect at a party….and in this month will be many parties. This unique ice tray has 3 guitar shapes each with their own plastic guitar neck to create a special ice cold stirrer. The tray even has 2 small musical note shapes to add a bit of music to your party!


Miniature Tree House Inspired by Brambly Hedge

The Miniature Tree House was created by Maddie Brindley and was inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her book “Spring Story”. The frame and bark are completely hand made from scratch. Each of the six levels perfectly mimics a common house interior, with miniature elements Maddie creatively designed out of various materials.


Looking Good Mirror by Thabto

Inspired by the classic sunglasses design, this one meter wide wall mounted mirror  is the ultimate statement piece for any space. The Looking Good Mirror is made in England by Thabto and it boasts two mirrors for people to share, almost like a his and her set. Perfect for a bachelor pad or even a funky design studio, the mirror is made for young adults wanting to add something different and possibly quirky to their living space… (more…)

The L@p Chair by Martin Ballendat

Designed to be used in public spaces where people can sit down and place their laptop on the chair arm, the L@p Chair is a brilliant concept which belongs to Martin Ballendat. He describes the L@p Chair as such “This sculptural chair is characterised by an organic upholstered backrest offering a comfortable area to lean on and a horizontal surface for the use of laptops. Matching tables and par vents supplement these seats creating a completely new and futuristic office world with regeneration character.”


Bergwelt Chalets, Grindelwald, Switzerland

The Bergwelt Chalets is a magnificent project located in Grindelwald, Switzerland, consisting of five apartment buildings, a boutique hotel and seven exclusive chalets. Project completion date is December 2014, the pictures are just will show the project. “The chalets will stand in an Alpine meadow of more than 15’000 square meters, lying directly beside the new ski slope with magnificent views of an unparalleled mountain panorama“…according to the official project description.


The Amadeo: An Impressive Wine Decanter By Riedel

This Riedel Amadeo decanter was specially designed and created to commemorate the Riedel Family’s 250th Anniversary, and is truly a gorgeous work of art. Brilliant and spirited, like a Mozart piece come to life, the Amadeo decanter named in the composer’s honor. Mouth-blown of leaded crystal by master European glassblowers, the decanter forms a U-shape unlike any other made by Riedel. (more…)

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