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Sun Is The Future – Solar Powered Tent


Solar-Powered Tent — Flexible photovoltaic cells generate 800 watts of electricity on a roughly 16-by-20-foot surface. This could enable the charging of gadgets, night vision goggles and more without the need for a generator. It could also come in handy in the case of natural disaster response. What do you think ?

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Frozen Mango, Kiwi, Raspberry Pops


Summer is on the way, and we must prepare properly … with fresh fruit, of course. What we have here is a cool recipe for the hot summer days. You can get from using fresh fruit all you need and more .. vibrant colors and fresh flavors. You can use any fruit you wish.

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How To Make A Beautiful Floor With A Few Pennies Sq.Ft


How to make a beautiful floor with a few pennies sqft. If you want to try this, patience is the most important thing. First, before you grab, calculates how many coins you need for this. We’re talking about cupper pennies. The cost, including the price of the coins would be from $2.50 to $3.50 for each square foot.

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Bring Innovation And Savings To Your Home With The Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks


I found a economical way to store your root vegetables out of the way, but within easy reach. Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks is a very good solution and practical to storage your vegetables. These sacks keep out light, slowing down the sprouting and spoiling process, prolonging shelf life. Continue reading “Bring Innovation And Savings To Your Home With The Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks” »

Amazing Refrigerator Launched by Meneghini


Italian company Meneghini launched an amazing refrigerator,with TV, pantry and coffee! The model, called Meneghini La Cambusa can be customized and can be added a coffee maker, an ice dispenser and even a flat screen TV. The “CAMBÚSA” ice-chest (three-door version) has a varying internal lay-out, according to the sizes on offer, creating different combinations between fridge, freezer, fitted pantry, double pantry, space for coffee maker, Continue reading “Amazing Refrigerator Launched by Meneghini” »

Modern Shelf Design Idea


I found this modern shelving unit that has a beautiful 3D design. The shelf is perfect for any type of items, ranging from DVDs to magazines, and small accessories to cookware, and in middle a perfect place for a TV. Continue reading “Modern Shelf Design Idea” »

Classic Beach Chair


This rugged and rock-solid model with soft curved shapes has its origin in the Baltic Sea. Is an elegant piece of furniture and you can choose from a huge range of colors . For a SonnenPartner Chair the beach is the ideal place for it. Here you will find peace, relaxation and the comfort to enjoy in every season. Sure you find exactly the beach chair that you want. More details here… Continue reading “Classic Beach Chair” »

Rocking Chair And Cradle In One


Rockid is a rocking chair and cradle in one.  While carefully swinging the rocking chair and reading a book or singing a lullaby, your baby can softly fall asleep. In the page 2 is a cute diy project “Building a rocking chair with a crib”. Enjoy! Continue reading “Rocking Chair And Cradle In One” »

Handmade Baby Cradle


Made from a Canadian Oak Wine Barrel which has previously stored French Wine in the Bordeaux Province, this unique Baby Cradle can be found on Etsy. Baby Cradle includes a British Made and British Standard Breathable foam Mattress and 2 fitted sheets and also a Scottish Sporran and Hanging Rope. Continue reading “Handmade Baby Cradle” »

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