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The Gardens of Versailles – Classic French garden style

The Classic French garden style has endured for centuries in the Gardens of Versailles. Interesting looking and posing statues are surrounded by green thick lines of trees. Small and carefully trimmed plants have their own place in the symmetrical geometrical concept. Water fountains complete the man-made scenery of order and discipline, (more…)

Beijing Olympic Gardens

Beijing Olympic Gardens is one of the marvels that China has given to the world in recent times. Ingeniously trimmed, the many bushes and plants resemble real-life structures, like the Parthenon. The landscape artists used a creative approach to design a unique and not kitschy garden, in which to include the Olympian elements from ancient times to modernity. Sports challenges are depicted in a cartoonish fashion, with over-sized people and accessories populating (more…)

Eleven fresh Bedrooms with very special design by Koshkina Elena

The quality of a bedroom is revealed by its capacity to blend design and utility in a unique manner. Here are 11 examples of special designs that Koshkina Elena has implemented throughout the world. From the rustic approach to the elegant almost corporate, from a romantic atmosphere to a playful feeling, she has managed to deliver every project with a memorable concept cleverly (and not boringly) using one-color scheme to create the (more…)

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