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NASA captures stunning photo of volcano erupting beneath the Milky Way

A photographer has snapped an incredible photo of a volcano erupting as a meteor shoots over the Milky Way in the skies ahead.

The photo, which is featured as NASA ’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, was snapped by photographer Diego Rizzo in Guatemala. (more…)

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers With Pink Gradient Petals Exist, They’re Absolutely Stunning

Sunflowers are beautiful and have a very playful look since they tend to be associated with summer and good vibes. But did you know that sunflowers can have various shades?
They can also be pink or strawberry-blonde. (more…)

Apple Cheesecake Tacos

Apple Cheesecake Tacos – crunchy cinnamon sugar tortilla shells, filled with cheesecake filling and covered with homemade apple pie filling are simply perfect. This is a very tasty dessert… The recipe can be found on Sweet Spicy Kitchen blog. (more…)

Original Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed To Create A Fashionably Old-Fashioned Mini Bike!

Everyone’s all-time favorite, the Volkswagen Beetle has been repurposed by a creative builder into a something called a „Volkspod”.
Brent Walter, who identifies himself as a „maker and builder of a variety of things” reimagined the iconic car in the form of an old-fashioned mini bike. His current job is in the sector of medical equipment manufacturing, but his passion for DIY projects and vintage items is what powered this project. (more…)

Florida Farmers are Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

Because of the nation-wide quarantine, Florida farmers have been faced with a real challenge: tons of fresh produce that started rotting and were going to waste.

Since their customer base is mainly comprised of restaurants, cruise ships, and theme parks which are all closed until further notice, they found themselves in the middle of a crisis. (more…)

Drone Captures The Largest Swarm Of Sea turtles Ever Filmed

There have been many times when drone pictures captured grim images, but on some occasions, they also manage to capture images that restore hope in viewers. It’s every drone owner’s dream to take unique pictures and stumble upon something great while patrolling the skies.
In 2019, biologist Vanessa, caught something amazing on camera while flying her drone over Costa Rica. She found the world’s largest swarm of sea turtles known to be caught on camera until the present time while investigating sea turtles and their reproduction. (more…)

People Are Turning Glass Tables Into Giant Succulent Gardens

Succulents are among the most unpretentious plants and they have been growing in popularity thanks to this feature. If you love plants and especially succulents than here is a great idea to try next: turn a glass table into a giant garden.
You can do this by transforming a glass table and planting succulents, namely turning the table into a large terrarium. (more…)

Miniature Crochet Elephants

Lovely pattern, can’t wait to get started. The pattern is made for those that can already crochet well. By now you have probably come across the crocheted tiny animals, the crocheted tiny lion, (more…)

There’s A Clear Succulent Plant That Looks Like Tiny Opals

This succulent plant is quiet magnificent! Clear fat petals that look like small opals – absolutely beautiful.
These succulents are a rare find. These tiny opal-like succulents are from the Haworthia family of succulents. Haworthia (more…)

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