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New Study Says That Humans Love Dogs More Than Most Of Other Humans

According to a new study conducted at the University of Colorado show that some humans love dogs more than they love other fellow humans.
The research analyzed the attitude of humans towards the news and the subjects they care about, and it looks like individuals who read the news prefer dog-related content rather than human-related ones. The study also measured the subject’s level of anger and reaction towards news related to dog abuse. (more…)

This Motorized Boat Allows You To Play Bumper Cars In The Water

The GoBoat is your personal, portable watercraft. It can be carried in a car, SUV or pickup and can be launched in minutes without the need for a trailer, boat landing or dock. (more…)

Bear Caught Relaxing ‘Just Like A Human’ On A Couch Someone Threw Away

Animals can act more human than people in many cases. This surprising but very cute picture was taken by Mandy Stantic, who visited a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba and found a bar casually chilling on a sofa. (more…)

An Amsterdam Restaurant Made Little Greenhouses So Diners Can Enjoy A Meal While Social Distancing

Amsterdam’s restaurants are taking social distancing to a whole new level of hipness, as one restaurant called Mediamatic Eten installed tiny greenhouses in which its customers can have diner.
The concept behind them is that of pop-up restaurants and their design is quite charming.
While the post-lockdown world is still a strange and uncertain one, this cool restaurant from Amsterdam found a way to reopen their terrace and provide a safe space for small get-togethers. (more…)

A Beautifully Crafted Baby Crib

This man did a great job.

Man Who Uses Solar Panels to Generate His Own Solar Energy Is Still Being Charged Tax in Canada

Solar energy is among the most accessible alternative energy sources, easy to harness and a great resource for any household.

By 2050, studies show that solar power will become the most widespread non-electrical energy source around the world. As long as there is sunlight in the area where you live and you have a set of solar panels, it should be very easy to capture solar energy and use it for personal or commercial reasons. (more…)

San Jose opens first tiny home community for formerly homeless residents

A tiny house community for the homeless opened recently in San Jose, California and it looks great.
The project has been in the making for three years and now it is finally up and running. The houses are there to provide temporary shelter for those who lost their homes due to different circumstances and they can occupy these homes for 60 days. (more…)

Here’s How You Can Use Your Dog’s Paw Print To Make A Beautiful Flower Painting

The lockdown caused by the coronavirus has forced people to become more and more creative and think about ways of making days go by faster.
Arts and crafts have proved to be very useful in this sense and getting crafty will improve not only your creativity but also your mood. If you want to make a unique painting for your home and are the proud parent of a dog, here is a cool way to co-create art. (more…)

80-Year-Old Man Builds A ‘Dog Train’ To Take Rescued Homeless Dogs Out On Adventures

The world needs more people like Eugene Bostick. He is an octogenarian from East Fort Worth, Texas who lives on a huge 3-acre land with his family and has a soft spot for stray dogs. (more…)

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