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Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Ink Drawings of Architecture Around the World

There are so many great artists out there and thanks to the rapid information spread across the Internet, they have the chance to become known by everyone. (more…)

DIY Christmas Snowman Decoration Outdoor Garage Door

Here’s a cute idea for people who have a white garage door. This KIT will be applied on the garage door and the result will be a cute snowman.

Get the decals HERE…

Recently Discovered Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Is So Well-Preserved It Even Has The Skin And Guts Intact

A recent discovery of a dinosaur mummy left archaeologists in awe. It seems to be the best-preserved dinosaur mummy that has ever been found, and this can be noticed from its looks which still has an intact skin armor.
The fossil was found by pure accident, while miners were drilling in Canada, and it is thought to be more than 110 million years old. The mummy was placed in the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada (more…)

Amazing Time-Lapse Videos Show How Much Plants Move During a Day

Some species of plants are in a constant move, but this move is so slow that you can’t notice it. That’s why someone thought about filming houseplants throughout the day and making a time-lapse video about their lives.
As the leaves change their position according to the sunlight, the plants look just as if they were moving and living a life of their own. (more…)

Will it be a snowy winter? Will it be an exceptionally cold winter? How bad a winter is it going to be? by The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Almanac fans: Your long wait is over! Behold the FULL 2020-2021 winter weather forecast—straight from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

We’ve been revealing the different regions for this past week and today—with the official release of The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac edition—we can completely unveil our winter maps for all of the U.S. and Canada. (more…)

You Can Spend A Weekend Camping In An Old-Fashioned Conestoga Wagon

Outdoor camping spots are stepping up their game this year, as the pandemic has pushed people to look for glamorous outdoor campsites.
Spending time outdoors, under the stars also has healing properties, and reconnecting with nature after spending so much time indoors, sounds like a great idea. If you wish to travel back in time and spend some nights outdoors, just like your ancestors, you can opt for an old-fashioned wagon. (more…)

Artist Adds Objects to Complete Clever Illustrations

When art and humor mix, the results can be a lot of fun. A clever teenage artist, called Kristian Mensa creatively transforms everyday objects through art to give them a twist. He uses the power of illustration to create his pieces, which all have an everyday object as their centerpiece.
For instance, he transformed a simple orange into a turtle, by drawing legs and a head around it and used toilet paper rolls to draw tiny (more…)

The Chicken Spaceship Coop

A chicken coop in Idaho is out of this world!

If you have a lot of chickens and there is a need of building a new coop, you can let this futuristic design inspire you. UFO enthusiasts are going to love this spaceship-like coop and there is plenty of space inside for all your chicks. To keep the project on a budget, you can follow in the footsteps of its inventor and use a satellite dish as a base for your construction. (more…)

The Snow Village – Christmas Vacation Village

The Snow Village began over forty years ago, and it’s grown bigger, brighter and merrier every year since. Inspired by family values and traditions of small towns across America, this prosperous little winter Village can be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations! Original (more…)

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