Crochet Boots and Slippers

How about these lovely crochet boots ? These are inspired by the traditional Russian Pavlovsky Posad shawls! These gorgeous boots are hand crocheted and hand stitched to a steady rubber sole, with felt inner sole for more comfort.

DIY Project: How to Crochet Baby Sandals [video]

This DIY project is both fun and cute and we can show you step by step how to crochet this sweet baby sandals. So we will walk you through the art of crocheting sandals, which your baby will just love to wear. You will need: soft yarn in 2 colors, soft wool for trim, buttons, G6- ...

Baby Cows Wear Earmuffs in the Winter To Protect Them From Chilling Frostbite

Animals that wear clothes are always a cute sight, but what about cows with earmuffs? This is a common practice between farmers, as they wish to keep the ears of baby cows protected in winter, so they cover them in earmuffs.

Make Your Own Lace Pottery

The art of pottery is not easy to master and this is why the product result can look pretty fascinating. Maggie Weldon, who has her own pottery studio in North Karolina, makes the most beautiful lace-patterned pottery ever! In order to create her art pieces, she uses clay and left-over ...

OUCH! – A somewhat different pincushion

For the pincushion you’ll need approx. 25 g sock yarn for the body and 20 g for both the upper part of the dress and the skirt. For the hair you’ll need approx. 15 g yarn. The ruffles are worked of crochet yarn size 80.

Bunny Rabbit wearing a Sweater

How cute is this? Dress your bunny with this adorable sweater! Hand crocheted and designed by us, we bring to you warm, cozy sweaters specially designed to fit bunnies comfortably. These patterns are available

Sweet As Honey Baby Blanket and Hat Set

Are you looking to make a cute gift for yours or anybody else’s baby? The Honeycomb Granny Square Pattern with Bees will be just the perfect thing. Besides the high level of cuteness, this is a DIY project so you are literally investing yourself in it. The Honeycomb is a simple ...

DIY Flower Power Valance Tutorial

Crocheting may seem complicated, but once you have a pattern and an explanation for each step, the whole thing seems a lot easier. One tip that can help you when crocheting is to gather with your friends and try different patterns together. This way each one of you can contribute ...

DIY Hook Knit Baby Booties

Baby clothes can be quite expensive, and the downside is that children grow so fast, that investing in a lot of baby clothes can make a big whole in your budget. A simple and elegant solution is to try and make some of those clothes yourself, such as knitted slippers and shoes. These ...
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