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Bathroom Colour Changing LED Chrome Shower Head Light

If you want to have something special in the bathroom, now’s your chance to make a colorful shower. How ? It’s easy …. Replace your existing shower head with the LED Colour changing Shower Head ! Silver shower head looks like a usual shower head but once you turn the water on changes colour according to the temperature. Great novelty for all shower lovers. (more…)

WINNIPEG High-Sleeper: Multifunctional Through Five Smart Assembly Options!

This is an amazing concept suitable for children from the age of one. Why is amazing ? Because is a multifunctional bed and it offers five assembly options without extra components or conversion kits. All the necessary components for the five assembly options are already included in the original delivery of this multifunctional bed. You can use WINNIPEG High-Sleeper, for your children for a long time, because the sleeping level can be adjusted to give approx. 32cm higher step. (more…)

Japanese Dining Furniture

Japanese style dining design is an excellent choice for your dining room if you know how comfortable and relaxing can be sitting on the floor and eating. This design always uses the warm colors, soothing earth tones and variations in shape with a few accessories. Japanese dining style consists of a table and some special chairs with pillow, but without legs. This type of furniture was created (more…)

Rocking-2-Gether In Patent-Pending Chair

A strong bond with your pet companion, can be created when you spend time relaxing with him. In this regard, we found a good way to relax outdoors together … a combination of a rocking chair and a pet house. The rocking-2-gether chair is a hybrid between a rocking chair and dog/cat house is designed by the architect Paul Kweton. This prototype chair is made out of CNC milled birch plywood. The density and amount of the CNC milled “ribs” can be controlled with differently sized wooden spacers (see photographs), ergo controlling the visual connection between the person and his/her pet. (more…)

Extra Comfort and Stylish: Sleepy – Modern Style by Tonin CASA

This modern bed, is produced by company Tonin CASA and designed by the Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo. SLEEPY, is an stylish and pleasing bed, ideal for contemporary houses. Also, Sleepy is not the usual bed: its extremely original and unique shape has been thought for the most original personalities. According to the designer, “the wide base is upholstered with fabric or eco-leather in different finishes. The wrapping sculptural headboard contribute to its extremely original and unique (more…)

Minimalist and Multifunctional Trick Bookcase

“Trick” is a bookcase designed by Sakura Adachi for Campeggi. Sakura Adachi graduated from The Musashino Art University majoring Industrial and Craft Design, taking specialization in woodwork. This bookcase can be split into two parts, namely chairs and tables. It is multi-purpose furniture which offers a space saving solution and fulfills your everyday activities in small environment. Trick Bookcase is perfect in a library or dining as well as for writing, reading and working on the computer. I love furniture that is both aesthetically cool and functional as well. (more…)

Looks Like a Soldier Helmet: Fort Diemerdam in Amsterdam

A new visitors pavilion and was recently completed by Emma Architecten at Fort Diemerdam in Amsterdam, a historical defense line recently put on the UNESCO world heritage list. The undulating curves of the building’s walls were inspired by the surrounding landscape: “We wanted anybody visiting the building to be puzzled about when it was built, and whether it is the future they’re looking at or the past”, said architect Marten De Jong.


Decor Trends: Ottoman Coffee Table

What kind of coffee table do you use in your living or family room? An ottoman coffee table can be the spark a living room needs to break the monotony of the interior décor. It’s something different that breaks from tradition. The texture and design of the ottoman may also be a much better choice for a modern or contemporary interior, in comparison with a coffee table. (more…)

Probably the most Bizarre Hotel from Europe: Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

It is said that it’s a fine line between creativity and madness and when is more creativity is probably will be something madness. Located in Berlin, Germany, the Propeller Island City Lodge, is one of the most bizarr hotel from Europe or maybe from world.
Propeller Island is fantastic, imaginative masterpiece and will make your whole vacation unforgettable. Every room located in Propeller Island is a work of art – each individual room has been created differently to generate diverse (more…)

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