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Multifunctional Design: Excellent Concept Trio Sofa by Julia Hamid

Julia Hamid is a young designer from UK , who has designed a multifunctional sofa which captured the attention of many people and has impressed with his ideas. The project “Trio Sofa” was one of his successful achievements. Designed with a table that turns over from both sides and from behind of the sofa to allow users to use a laptop or dine in various sitting positions. (more…)

Stylish and Cozy Duplex on Two Levels, 50 Lispenard Street, NY

On the border of Tribeca and Soho, light, location, soaring ceilings and a blend of exquisitely mixed materials in a high caliber conversion of this building circa 1866 make 50 Lispenard the ultimate New York City address. As you step off the elevator that opens into the two bedroom, two and a half bath duplex unit, you’ll find ceilings up to 18 ft, a floating staircase, heated 8 inch plank floors, glass paneling and a gas fireplace in the skylit living room flanked by two decked terraces, one with a Jacuzzi. (more…)

Fun and Creative Design: Face Shelving by Alexi Mccarthy

Here is an original shelving unit that falls under the category “do it yourself”. The Face Shelving comes from Alexi Mccarthy and is a fun and creative bookshelf. The designer tells its story as follows: “It started from a chat my girlfriend and I were having. A year and a father-son project later, the very originally named ‘Face Shelving’ is finally done. The idea is that depending what you put in or on the shelves, you create different faces and expressions.” (more…)

Beautiful Moments of Rest and Relaxation by Lakefront Vacation Home in Wolfeboro, US

Designed by TMS Architects, this beautiful vacation residence is located in a scenic town in New Hampshire, United States. Here are all conditions for amazing moments of rest and relaxation with the nearby lake and surrounding nature. With an excellent location, near the lake, and a beautiful and elegant architecture, this residence impresses at first sight. With a traditional style (more…)

Modern Vision with a Round Room for a Young Family by LLB Architects

The one-acre parcel for a Hinge House is in a planned subdivision with a requisite builder and a minimum square footage of 5,000 square feet and 3-car garage. The client resisted the pressure to tweak a “plan house” and instead engaged LLB Architects to design a modern vision that they would grow into with their young family. (more…)

Tranquil Hiding Place With Magnificent Views Of Johannesburg,South Africa

The Westcliff Pavilion was designed by GASS Architecture Studios and is a steel-framed pavilion structure located on the Westcliff Ridge in Johannesburg, South Africa. This cottage has 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and a lounge with a kitchen and living room. This affords the building a private, tranquil hiding place in the trees juxtaposed with a feeling of floating above the ridge combined with magnificent views of Johannesburg. (more…)

Aquarium Furniture: Creative Coffee Table Aquarium

Have you thought about how would look such a table in your living room? If some time ago was a innovative table now already starting to become common for aquariums lovers. Why would you put an aquarium on cabinet or else when you can include it directly in furniture ? It is space-saving that you can enjoy (more…)

Innovative Eco Bath System by Jang Woo-Seok

Created by the South Koren designer Jang Woo-Seok, innovative Eco Bath system  is a dual water-tank designed primarily to recycle water rolling down from a washbasin. It is composed of two key parts including a left part having recycled water, while the right part comprises of tap water. Outwardly, it looks a normal water-tank except two levers and a single LED. (more…)

Coastal Cave House of French Designer Alexandre de Betak

Located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak. Inspired by cave dwellings, the interior takes on an organic form, even shelves appear to push forth from natural rock to cradle the family’s possessions. (more…)

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