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Create a Tiny Terrace for Upper Floor Apartments with ‘Volet végétal”


Barreau&Charbonnet came up with a framework that has three pivoted container holders positioned within. Into these are placed plastic window boxes, each containing a layer of clay balls and another of loam, and then topped by mesh that the plants will grow through for harvesting. Barreau & Charbonnet told that “gravity and the weight of containers keep the crops horizontal.
Continue reading “Create a Tiny Terrace for Upper Floor Apartments with ‘Volet végétal”” »

Original Private Apartment Rental in Porto: Flattered


Flattered is a mix between a small hotel and a private apartment rental, located in Porto, Portugal. All apartments offer a unique interior design in an environment framed by the sea and enriched by the Flattered Art Collection. The Collection consists of works by Young Portuguese Artists with a strong presence of pieces in the field of Illustration and Urban Art. Continue reading “Original Private Apartment Rental in Porto: Flattered” »

Creative Ideas for Your Easter Brunch


The spring has just arrived and Easter is right around the corner. Here i have a few creative ideas to plan dinner, dessert, and décor. Here are the steps how to make an creative bunny napkin fold! Continue reading “Creative Ideas for Your Easter Brunch” »

Amazing Tiny House on Wheels


This tiny house was designed in the American Cratftsman Style by Jay Shafer in California, US. The project called Gifford it’s a stunning 7’ x 16’ structure that can be built on wheels or on a foundation. Although is very small, this tiny house has kitchen, a great room, bathroom and bedroom … all what you need for living in only 112 sq ft. Gifford on wheels measures 13′-4″ tall, when built on the 22″ high deck of a standard car hauler trailer. Continue reading “Amazing Tiny House on Wheels” »

Amazing Butterfly Bench Design


How about this beautiful bench? Amazing is that this great bank was carved on a 600-year-old felled oak tree. As a huge history fan I find it completely mesmerising and extraordinary that this tree has seen such a lot in its lifetime.  Grown from an acorn planted in the reign of King Henry IV or V (how amazing!). It had fallen from its site on the edges of a lake at Bletchley Park, Bletchley (UK). Continue reading “Amazing Butterfly Bench Design” »

Unique Deck Design Ideas


Having a unique space will create a better mood and is aesthetically pleasing. Space planning is an effective way to maximize your available space. If you are planning to build or remodel your deck, you may consider doing some space planning. Building your deck is like adding a new space to your home wherein you can spend time with your family and relax. Careful though, building a deck without proper Continue reading “Unique Deck Design Ideas” »

Amazing Rustic Swings


I found these amazing rustic swings just in Eastern Europe .. in a country where the rustic item is at it’s home. Designed and manufactured by Gardenland, this is the first company from Romania that since 1999 uses wood in its natural form to decorate gardens, homes or public places. So they let nature by creation time, to be chief designer, their role is to fit harmoniously into any corner of your home d what we consider to be beautiful. Each project is unique, tailored customer tastes and requirements. Continue reading “Amazing Rustic Swings” »

Ingenious Apartment Idea: Charlie’s Studio


The American television series,”Girls” has a very inspirational idea when it comes about home design: Charlie’s Studio, a tiny apartment turned into one amazing little space. The studio was designed by Laura Ballinger Gardner – designer for the show. “Her team built Charlie’s wall storage unit, had it pigmented to achieve Mondrian-esque color blocks, and filled it with guitars and what seems like an impressive vinyl collection…” The concept sketches by Anne Allen Goelz sell in space and show how much Continue reading “Ingenious Apartment Idea: Charlie’s Studio” »

Build a Log Home and Make a Dream Kitchen


Is a log cabin home in your future? The dream of building a log cabin home is something that many people spend much of their lives planning to do when the time is right. If you knew that you could save thousands of dollars by acquiring the logs for your log home wholesale, your plan could become your reality sooner. If the idea of log home living and enjoying the simpler, rustic, Continue reading “Build a Log Home and Make a Dream Kitchen” »

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