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Symphony in Black and White

Take a look at the monochromatic magic of this contemporary interior, from Mires Paris, drained of color to create the ultimate hit of décor drama. Founded in 1985 by Catherine Gamard, MiRES propose a comprehensive catalog of shooting locations for editorial and advertising shots, teams of film making and organizing events. (more…)

What’s the most comfortable posture for using a laptop on bed? Nottable Laptop Stand by Nelson Motta

What is the most comfortable way to sit with your laptop on bed ? I found a clever idea named Nottable by brazilian designer Nelson Motta. Made from plastic, bronze and aluminum components,is a clever stand for your laptops that exhibiting a great flexibility allows different variety of ways working (sitting, standing or even reclining) to the users. (more…)

Fantastic Aquarium Design on Toilet Tank

An original place for an aquarium is certainly in the toilet tank. But what happens to the fish? I do not want to think about how they go in drain …sad for them..Of course .. it was a joke, don’t worry, the fish don’t get flushed down the drain.
The aquarium toilet has three separate tanks – one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out, and a third for fish and underwater plants, keeping them isolated from any plumbing function. Another green (more…)

Transparency and Extravagance: Contemporary Home in Mexico City

Casa Lomas de Chapultepec is a modern architecture project designed by Mexican studio Paola Calzada Arquitectos and located in Chapultepec, a residential district in Mexico City.
In order to create a harmonious unity of the virtues that offered a house from the 70s and the current needs of a family, Paola Calzada Arquitectosfue was commissioned to design, remodel and modify the interior-exterior and to offer something special to this house…extravagance. (more…)

Using Wood in the Garden


I found recently an interesting method of creating a walkway in garden from wood slices. If you think that decorating walls or furniture with wood slices is cool then what you think about these two walkways made of such slices? Of course you need to gather much more material for such project but who said you can’t? (more…)

Modern Sofa with Dog House Attached

Everywhere are a lot of puppy fans. Everyday we see a lot of pictures with cute puppy shared anywhere and anytime on internet. A new piece of furniture is always a reason of happiness for your pets. Now I would like to show you a Dog House Sofa designed by the Korean Seungji Mun, the same designer who designed an interesting sofa, ideal for fun with your cat, and which I showed a little while ago. (The Ideal Sofa for your Pet). (more…)

Creating Indoor Vertical Garden With I-pot Modular System by Supercake

I found an interesting way to create a multifunctional space for flowers and storage with I-pot Modular System by Supercake. The vertical furniture system consists of lightweight and adjustable interlocking elements that can be set up separately or in groups to host large items like flower pots or tall books. I-pot also has several add-ons such as bags for plants, shelves, an aquarium for small fish, and lighting objects. (more…)

An Oceanfront Oasis: Exclusive Jasri Beach Villas

Located to just 15 minutes east of a charming seaside village called Candidasa, the Jasri Beach Villas are on a few steps away from the ocean on a secluded cobblestone beach, not known to most travelers visiting Bali.
Beauty and luxury beyond comparison, the minute you enter through the golden wood doors, you are taken away from reality and dropped into euphoria. The air is comforting, surrounding you on both sides are (more…)

Bel Aire: Luxury Collection by Lefroy Brooks

Manufacturer Lefroy Brooks launched a luxury collection of bathroom accessories, the most interesting product, and the same time the cover of collection, is the faucet with design of military airplane from the 1950’s. This faucet is a great way to add a touch of historical fun to your bathroom. With a Chromium Plate, Antique Gold, Silver Nickel, or Satin Nickel finish, this shiny trio recalls the bulbous noses of zeppelins and the sharp fins of rockets. (more…)

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