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Elegant and Traditional Outdoor Kitchen


“Where there’s delicious food, there’s a tasty beverage”, says a quote. Summer is on the way and fine weather means spending more time cooking outdoor. Whether you are looking for the elegant and clean look of an outdoor kitchen or full dining space, extending your back yard allows you the functionality of a traditional kitchen while maintaining the near universal appeal of a barbecue. People have started investing in outdoor kitchen separately from their usual indoor kitchen Continue reading “Elegant and Traditional Outdoor Kitchen” »

The “LoungePac” – Innovative Beach Chair


This innovative design combines attached coolers with cup holders, umbrella with patented mount, tote bag, pillow and storage compartment for an amazing outdoor experience. No assemble required! Detachable thermal coolers with cup holders have a special feature which can accommodate wine bottles. Coolers can hold 6 cans of soda and/or 2 bottles of wine…easy to remove for handy packing and cleaning. Continue reading “The “LoungePac” – Innovative Beach Chair” »

Cozy Tiny House: Affixed to a Trailer or Secured to a Permanent Foundation


Designed by Taproot Architects and built by JADE Craftsman Builders this cozy tiny house is crafted with the highest quality materials, using best practices for energy efficiency, healthy building and resource efficiency. Available affixed to a trailer or secured to a permanent foundation this tiny structure is ideal for ultra-efficient green home, guest house, teenager’s rooom, vacation cabin, rental apartment, Continue reading “Cozy Tiny House: Affixed to a Trailer or Secured to a Permanent Foundation” »

Amazing Tree Carved Wall


In just two words .. is fantastic. For art & sculpture lovers this project cannot be overlooked. This tree carved on wall was created by Sabiha Mujtaba an pakistani artist. He works with solid woods and veneers, utilizing a wide variety of power and hand tools to carve and shape forms – from bold to subtle. Using traditional techniques, he combine various woods that contrast with and compliment each other. Continue reading “Amazing Tree Carved Wall” »

Tiny Studio Apartment with Perfect Interior Design Ideas


A small apartment doesn’t give you a cozy feeling until it has a good design that inspires the idea of space. Let’s take a look over this modern small studio apartment, approximately 21 sq meters, which has a perfect plan of interior design. As you can see, the bed is hanged at the corner, above the sofa, saving space in this way. The shower cabin and the toilet take place at left and right of entrance area. Continue reading “Tiny Studio Apartment with Perfect Interior Design Ideas” »

Delicious Salad in Pastry Dough “Carrot”


Discover an amazing salad, easy to prepare and incredibly tasty! All you have to do is follow the steps below, and maybe even in this weekend you can surprise your friends or family with this creative recipe. Continue reading “Delicious Salad in Pastry Dough “Carrot”” »

Interesting Guest House Design in Kiev, Ukraine


Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this style is ideal for those who love beautiful interiors, delicious teas, atmosphere and color of real Russian bath with wood combined with modern technology and superb services. Continue reading “Interesting Guest House Design in Kiev, Ukraine” »

DIY- Rustic Coffee Table


Who wouldn’t like to have an unique coffee table? With a little creativity and inspiration, you can create an unique coffee table, inexpensive and easy to make. You will need: 21 logs, 19″ tall and 3″ to 4″ in diameter, paper-covered wire (available at garden stores), wire cutters, 36″ glass tabletop. When you have all this materials you can start to construct it. Here are the instructions: 1.Starting about 7″ from the top, wrap the cluster tightly with the covered wire, encircling it six times. Continue reading “DIY- Rustic Coffee Table” »

Wonderful Log Home

Casa Birch Mountain

Because I really like log homes, especially those with interesting design, I glanced over a few projects of my collaborators and I reviewed this wonderful house built from thick Canadian cedar logs. The customer came with his project to a construction firm that has implemented this idea in a masterly way. So, if you are going to build an impressive log house, it is recommended to call the experts. Continue reading “Wonderful Log Home” »

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