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Outdoor Cat Cottage Triplex


This unique wooden outdoor cat house, provide an excellent and protective shelter for your cats, and help keep them warm in cold winter weather, and are made from eco-friendly materials. Many of outdoor cat houses are beautifully handcrafted from Western red cedar, and can be insulated if you live in a cold weather area for added protection for your pet. Unlike plastic houses, wood pet houses are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Continue reading “Outdoor Cat Cottage Triplex” »

Experience Ultimate Comfort With Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger


Want more comfort? Experience ultimate comfort with this Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger, that can be a perfect solution. Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger have been known today as alternative relaxing tool at home, or anywhere else you want to use it. Because bean bags are so convenient, they can be carried anywhere as you like without using too much of your muscles because Continue reading “Experience Ultimate Comfort With Cocoon Bean Bag Lounger” »

Recycle Pallets and Turn Them Into Unique Pieces of Furniture


Do you have some pallets or pieces of them that you don’t need anymore? Don’t just throw them away. There are lots of ways you can use them and turn them unto something original, original and very useful. Here are some examples that that might help you. Feel free to improvise and don’t forget to use your imagination. Continue reading “Recycle Pallets and Turn Them Into Unique Pieces of Furniture” »

Amazing StoryTime Rocking Chair


Hand carved and guaranteed to bring many years of wonderful memories, this Rocking Chair is brilliant. Anyone who reads to their children or grandchildren knows how hard it can be to get situated so everyone can see the pictures and no one feels left out. It is amazing be able to do so in a rocking chair … Hal Taylor is a master carpenter and specializes in rocking chairs. He created the stunning piece from these pictures. Continue reading “Amazing StoryTime Rocking Chair” »

Creative Coffee Table Design Convertible into a Doll House [Video]


Qubis Haus is designed and developed by Amy Whitworth and aims to solve the dilemma of having children’s play space in a modern home without having to compromise on style. The furniture has been made from locally grown, sustainable oak and hand crafted into various styles of building blocks with embedded magnets, Continue reading “Creative Coffee Table Design Convertible into a Doll House [Video]” »

How to Make a Decorative Pond From Old Tires


Tyre Ponds are a great little garden feature that can enhance the overall aesthetics and integrated pest management of a site. By inviting biodiversity into the site we can make the system more resilient and attractive which tyre ponds do so elegantly.
Here are the steps you need to do in order to create your own decorative pond. It is a fun way, that helps you re-use an old tire. Firstly what you need to do is dig a hole in the ground, the size of your tire. Continue reading “How to Make a Decorative Pond From Old Tires” »

Inspiration For Your Kitchen: A Wonderful Painting on a Fridge


Here is a great idea that is suitable for any kitchen, especially small sized ones. the rustic feeling is given by the use of several tones of brown and of the personalized graphic design you can see on the freezer. the use of wood also gives this kitchen a more natural feeling. This fridge is painted, with a door and window, and with a lot of a lot of nice pottery. I love this painting … Continue reading “Inspiration For Your Kitchen: A Wonderful Painting on a Fridge” »

Festive Lady: an Absolutely Amazing Bed Created by Amber Jean


This artwork was created by artist Amber Jean for one of her clients, a horses lover. Called “Festive Lady” this amazing bed has found a loving home with parents who plan to enjoy the sculpture. Amber Jean is a very talented artist who discovered his talent in childhood and created over time a great collection of artwork.

Continue reading “Festive Lady: an Absolutely Amazing Bed Created by Amber Jean” »

Casa Kolonihagen: 24 Square Meters of Living Space in Stavanger, Norway


Only two rooms: bedroom and living area contained in two blocks off the ground at different heights, completely surrounded by nature. This is the project of the “Casa Kolonihagen“, designed by Norwegian Tommie Wilhelmsen. It is a small holiday home that sits on just 24 square meters of floor space in Stavanger, Norway. Colors and materials chosen determine a strong contrast between exterior and interior. “The project – says Wilhelmsen – total cost for this project was only 10 thousand euro. This is an good example of a low-cost building. ” Take a look..

Continue reading “Casa Kolonihagen: 24 Square Meters of Living Space in Stavanger, Norway” »

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