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Green Living Rooms

Whenever you want to blend a natural feeling with indoors but don’t really want to bring plants and complex natural DIY decorations to your living room, just use a green color concept. With some carefully selected green pillows or green chairs you will have that desired effect in no time. Be efficient by blending textures with (more…)

English kitchen in plain design by Paul Begun

Architect Paul Begun brings the classic English style into modern times by a clever use of one-tone color palette in the kitchen. He used vanilla-yellow and grapefruit-red paint on the whole furniture in the kitchen to underline the importance of color in setting the mood for a room. The design doesn’t affect (more…)

Black & White inspiration from HongKong


Titan SeaOrbiter Marine Research Vessel becomes reality [video]

SeaOrbiter is a new human adventure dedicated to the Planet. “It is part of the history of the great explorations of our universe led by illustrious predecessors and great adventurers such as Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard” … is the developers description of SeaOrbiter. It is clear, construction will begin this year and will be the most extravagant project on world marine. The Sea Orbiter concept design looks like something straight out of (more…)

Beautiful Home Design


Beautiful Home Design, located in the Parisian suburb. (more…)

Small apartment with a ingenious design (LIGHT)


Living in a small space is tough, especially when your decorating options are limited. Let these ideas inspire you to make the home (and space) you want. Location: suburbs of Tehran, Iran…by Azari Architects (more…)

Weekend house interior – house for rest


Location: suburbs of Tehran, Iran…by Azari Architects


Weekend house exterior – house for rest

Location: suburbs of Tehran, Iran…by Azari Architects (more…)

Nesting Cups – Good ideas for maximize your space

This next one is another great example of ingenious and clever design and it is called „Nesting Cups”. The idea started from a basic cup and brought the design to a next level by thinking of a clever solution of how to organize your set of cups in order to save some space. The result are these great cups that have a unique hexagon shape which makes it possible for them to (more…)

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