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Deeply Traditional Architecture In Pacific Palisades, CA

Internationally interior designer Jeff Andrews creates luxury interiors for celebrities and families alike. Jeff is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. His innovative and freshness approach makes him one of the most sought-after interior designers in the industry, and his ability to visualize and interpret the needs of a diverse range of clients is unmatched. Some of his most famous clients are Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Lamar and Khloe Odom, Bruce and Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. Continue reading “Deeply Traditional Architecture In Pacific Palisades, CA” »

Travel Themed Bedroom

This bedroom, from Viz Art, have a very distinct hint of world traveler about them, peppered with maps and yacht sail-like geometry, boat souvenirs and ocean imagery, to make an experienced explorer feel right in their comfort zone. Wood clad walls give the generously proportioned room a cozy cabin feel, reminiscent of times gone by  Continue reading “Travel Themed Bedroom” »

Kitchens In Five Colors – Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green

When you’re undecided on the choice of color for your kitchen things get stressful. To choose a white kitchen? Or choose a kitchen green or yellow? It is not easy so we present a series of white kitchens, green kitchens, yellow kitchens, blue kitchen and red kitchens. Pictures, information and ideas for kitchen design…

Continue reading “Kitchens In Five Colors – Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green” »

Beautiful Vacation In Desroches Island, Seychellen [video]

Secluded, and with an unforgettable landscape, Desroches Island is one of the most beautiful islands, overall a very good experience. Desroches Island forms part of the Amirantes archipelago in the Seychelles, a group of islands of majestic beauty, carefully protected by the government in order to preserve fragile ecosystems. Great food, nice villas,this beautiful place has everything you need to have an unforgettable vacation.

Continue reading “Beautiful Vacation In Desroches Island, Seychellen ” »

Creative Shelf Design by Maria Yasko

Russian designer Maria Yasko that specializes in creating more space on the shelf with a nice design, comes to help people who need innovative ideas to maximize use of space in their homes. The following projects was designed by Maria Yasko who came up with some freshness concepts for modular shelving that also serve as pieces of wall art. Continue reading “Creative Shelf Design by Maria Yasko” »

Inflatable Water Park by Wibit Sport [video]

SPORT WIBIT production line offers customers a wide range of products to truly enjoy the pleasures of summer. “The German watersports company Wibit Sports GmbH has been producing inflatable water sports products for commercial grade for over 15 years.They are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. From Commercial Pools, Resorts, Camps or Open Water Locations. Wibit believes people everywhere should Continue reading “Inflatable Water Park by Wibit Sport ” »

Inspiration For A Night’s Dream

What you need for a romantic night? Candles are amazing for a romantic atmosphere in bedroom.  When you select the candles for your bedroom make sure they are light scented, so that the aroma is not too strong and intoxicating.  Get a lot of these candles in the colors that go with your bedroom, or make the candles your focal point in the room by selecting bright colors.  To allow the candles work their magic, turn the lights off.  Just watching the candles give off Continue reading “Inspiration For A Night’s Dream” »

818 N Roxbury Dr | Beverly Hills

“An architectural achievement by Leonardo Umansky in the much coveted 800 block of the flats in Beverly Hills. Featured in “The World’s Best 100 Homes” edited by Images Publishing and first feature home in the Robb Report magazine.. “art-filled house, replete with stone, glass and wood accents, blends traditional and modern elements”. Be overwhelmed with its light filled foyer with soaring high ceilings & oversize windows that enhance the sense of spaciousness in celebration of perfect scale, proportions & functionality” … in according with The Agency. The formal living room opens up to the family room and Continue reading “818 N Roxbury Dr | Beverly Hills” »

Transporting Food Around The Table : TrackTile Tables [Video]

A small creative team from Nottingham in the U.K., has developed a table that is sure to change the dynamics of dinner forever. If dinner is always the most serious meal of the day, they were thought to bring a little fun … a little risky. But it seems that something good finally came out, a method by which a train can carry food in the most fun way. The tables consist of veneered tiles that are plain on one face but form beautiful wooden railway layouts when reversed. These tiles may then be individually rotated to create almost infinite varieties of designs. TrackTile Tables– the real social network! Imagined by Three Foot Three Design woven tables Continue reading “Transporting Food Around The Table : TrackTile Tables [Video]” »

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