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Metal Chicken Yard Art

I absolutely love these whimsical chickens. For a farmhouse these will make a smashing addition to the garden area. These are available in the link below… (more…)

This Castle Was Built Into the Mouth of a Cave

Predjama Castle is one of the most amazing landmarks in Europe as it was built into the side of a cave.
The castle is located in Slovenia, just 6.8 miles away from Postojna, dates back to the 16th century, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. But discoveries have shown that the castle was first mentioned in 1274 when textbooks relate the construction of a Gothic-styled castle near the cave. (more…)

Researchers Discover King Tut’s Dagger Was Forged From a Meteorite

King Tut has always been an enigma to historians, and there is a mystery involving him even from the early days of his tomb’s discovery in 1922.
Tutankhamun began his reign very early when he was only nine years old and ruled for nine years, but most of the things know about his life have been discovered after the finding of his tomb.
One of the most interesting objects that have been buried with him, is his dagger which seems to be from another world. (more…)

Artist Transforms Found Stones Into Animals You Can Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

Never underestimate the power of art in transforming something trivial into an extraordinary work. Akie Nakata is a Japanese artist, who uses stones and rocks as her canvas to create the sweetest animal paintings that can be held in the palm of your hand.

She lets the stones inspire her when creating her characters and she first got into stone painting in 2011, after finding a rock that resembled a rabbit. Nakata has a lot of respect for nature and thinks that each encountered stone has its path, so she is very careful with each transformation and pays attention to the stone’s natural shape. (more…)

Amazing Steel Wire Sculptures Are Metal Masterpieces Merging Nature With Fantasy

British sculptor, Martin Debenhams creates the most beautiful and delicate stainless steel wire sculptures. His works draw inspiration from nature and mythical creatures, and the steel wire gives him a much needed artistic freedom.
The most amazing thing about Debenhams is that he learned the art of wire sculptors all by himself, and his three-dimensional works seem almost real. By placing his pieces in natural surroundings, the fantasy characters look almost like real persons or animals, only that they shine in the sunlight. (more…)

This Woman Designed Her Own Small House Made From 3 Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a popular choice in modern architecture, as they easy to handle and are suitable for creating modular designs. Shipping containers can also be bought at a fair price and look like expensive minimalist designs once installed.

Brenda Kelly from IQ Container Homes has designed one of the most beautiful small homes in New Zealand that have views of Lake Taupo. The house is comprised of three 20ft shipping containers and there is even a video tour of it featured on Living Big in a Tiny House. (more…)

480 SF Tiny Gothic Castle

Owning a gothic castle sounds like a farfetched idea, but what about building your own tiny gothic castle inspired house? The Rempis family decided to switch their large 2,150-square foot house for a tiny home, but since they love scary movies and gothic architecture, they also wanted a home with a twist.
Their gothic tiny house faced a big challenge in accommodating a family of three and three dogs plus three cats, but with the help of Triple B Construction from Castalian Springs, Tennessee their dream came true. (more…)

Amazing Sculptures Made from Woven Rods of Willow

Basket weaving requires true craftsmanship and it is one of the arts that dates back to centuries and was present in different cultures around the world.

British sculptor, Anna & the Willow mastered the art of weaving and added a contemporary approach to it, creating amazing sculptures in England’s forests. Her works of art are made from rods of willow and are lifelike sculptures, such as her 9-foot tall work named The Huntress of Skipton Castle Woods. (more…)

Researchers Crack Mathematical Code of 3,700-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet

The ancient Babylonian tablet, known as Plimpton 322 was discovered by Edgar K. Banks, who later became the inspiration for the Indiana Jones movie series. The tablet discovered in Iraq almost 100 years ago, is made of clay and thought to be 3,700-year-old. Banks sold it to George Plimpton for $10 but now the significance of the tablet and its importance to mathematics is started to become more clear. (more…)

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