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Fully Converted Off Grid Skoolie

“This off grid bus conversion has been our home for over three years and taken us to over half of the states! We custom built this bus to be our full time home so it is built sturdy and with great quality and craftsmanship. We raised the roof 20″ which gives you almost 8′ of head room below the unique blue coffered ceiling.” says Rachel, Owner (more…)

This Bubble outdoor Tent provides you the best experience of your life.

The Bubble Tent is a great outdoor abode for camping or live in outdoors. It can be built in the yard or any place you want. Experience a unique night under the stars with all the comfort of a hotel romm. ATTRAP’RÊVES invites you to an unusual moment… A cosmic and poetic experience… An unforgettable souvenir for both of you… A tinted and romantic cocoon for a marriage proposal, an anniversary or an original gift. A queen size bed with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside… (more…)

How To Make a Snowman in Florida

How to turn the old tires into these cute snowmen ? Old tires can be repurposed to make a fun snowman for an outdoor Christmas decoration. (more…)

Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors

A transparent luminescent solar concentrator that selectively harvests NIR photons is demonstrated. “These results open the potential for visibly transparent polymer solar cells as add-on components of portable electronics, smart windows and building-integrated photovoltaics and in other applications,” said study leader Yang Yang, a UCLA professor of materials science and engineering, who also is director of the Nano Renewable Energy Center at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).

New Study: Women Live Longer When Surrounded By Nature

According to a new study, when women live in nature they live longer. The confirmed hypothesis of a research is that natural environments help reduce the stress and increase physical and social activity, which keeps people healthier. The main purpose of this study was to get insights on the relationship between “residential greenness and mortality. (more…)

Take a Peek Inside SAKURA Tiny House

A tiny house that is both elegant and practical? It’s a rare combo but not an impossible one. This luxurious tiny house is called The Sakura and it was custom made by a Canadian company called Minimaliste. As the company’s name suggests, they focus on building minimalist styled tiny houses with a hint of luxury. One can argue that the trailer the house was built one does not scream luxury, but just take a look at the pictures of its interior to change your mind. (more…)

This small grain bin home could be used for guests, vacation, or as an affordable first home.

Architect, Mark Clipsham designed this house with grain silos in mind. It was imagined as a vacation house or an affordable home for a family who wants to reduce household costs and also experience the comfort of a mansion. The house is designed to be self-sustaining and efficient as it has a wood stove and fans that will heat (more…)

Amazing Vintage Copper Bathtub

This freestanding copper tub features a deep well that is Nickel plated and perfect for soaking. The shimmering dragonflies, golden leaves, and rose-colored flower ornaments are hand-painted and are affixed to a shapely wrought iron stand. Smooth exterior and interior with smooth rim. Copper Antique exterior and Nickel plated interior. 72-1/2 L x 31-1/2 W x 26 H (± 1/2 ). Made of 16 gauge copper. (more…)

This Albino Turtle Is Absolutely Stunning

This is an Albino Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima, also known as the painted wood turtle. Albino Wood Turtles are one of the rarest turtle morphs in the world. (more…)

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