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Cyclist Bikes Hundreds of Miles to Sketch Elaborate Drawings Using GPS Routes

Strava is the preferred app for most cyclists and runners, as they can track their performance, share it with others and build a community of like-minded peers. But the pandemic has brought some new uses of Strava, and with all the free time, users became more and more creative and started creating patterns while running and tracing their moves with the help of GPS. (more…)

75-Year-Old Artist Memorializes His Late Cat in Scenes of Giant Topiary Gardens

People cope with loss in different ways, but everyone goes through the stages of grief. One common stage is the one in which people want to bring an homage to their deceased loved one and celebrate their life. This phase can bring out a lot of creativity and extraordinary things can come out of this stage. (more…)

Alaska High School Teacher Hunted a Moose and had his Students Butcher the Animal to Learn Life Skills

Science classes can be scary sometimes, especially if you’re not used to doing out-of-the-box experiments. One bold anatomy teacher thought of an alternative way to teach his student some real-life skills in his class called “World Discovery Seminar”. (more…)

Custom Douglas Tiny Home

Tiny homes are perfect for those who want to live a simpler life and reduce everything they own to minimal sizes and amounts. Tiny houses can usually be ordered and customized on request and this home is no different.
The unit is 12’ wide and 30’ long and the starting price for this model is $99,000 but depending on the extra features required by the future owner, the price can go up. (more…)

Artist Creates Amazing Animal Sculptures From Found Seashells at the Beach


Collecting shells on the beach can be a nice relaxing activity, but for Anna Chan is a medium through which she expresses her artistic vision. She is a New York-based artist, who discovered her passion as a land art maker during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Chan is a professional jewelry designer, but business was slow during the pandemic, so she decided to dedicate her time to creating nature-inspired sculptures. She started spending a lot of time at the beach with her 10-year old daughter and after creating pebbles and shells, they created all sorts of magical characters out of them. (more…)

19 Stunning Staircases Transformed by Artists Around the World

Street art can surprise you in the most unexpected places, as that is the exact beauty of this type of art that it is unconventional and full of interesting twists.
The most well-known street art pieces are murals, and there are lots of iconic artists that took over big cities with the power of their wall art. One unusual space for showcasing art is staircases, which in most times are ignored by passers-by, but just wait until you see some that have been touched by the hands of artists. (more…)

Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct

Thanks to our lifestyles and the little care that we give to the environment, every year more and more species go extinct. This sadly is also the case of the Blue Macaw parrot, the one that was portrayed in the famous cartoon named Rio.
In the animated pictures, Rio flies from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro, thinking he is the last one of the species left but then he meets the female, Jewel. Unfortunately, real life is not like the movies, where the too managed to save the species. (more…)

How To Crochet A Reindeer

Introducing one of the cutest crochet decor items you will crochet this season! The Reindeer is fun, and playful making it a great gift or sellable item. Make a whole family and personalize each one according to an individual for an extra special twist that will bring even more holiday joy. The pattern is available in the link below… (more…)

A Second Chance For A Broken Chair

Old furniture pieces are not always obsolete, as they can be transformed into something brand new with the help of an artist. Tatiane Freitas is a Brazilian artist, who loves intersecting traditional design with a modern one.
Her most recent series is called My New Old Chair and is based on the Japanese principle of kintsugi, translating into the repairing of broken items by filling the cracks with gold. (more…)

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