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In Great Barrier Reef, Amazing Photos Captured Of World’s Only Known Pink Manta Ray

The underwater world is so diverse and there are so many fascinating creatures living in deep waters, that we still don’t know much about. Deep-see photographs and videos are always captivating and you never know what you’ll stumble upon.
These very rare images were taken by a Finnish photographer, named Kristian Laine and have caught the attention even of marine biologists. Laine managed to take a picture of the world’s only known pink manta ray and since he is such a rare and mysterious sighting, he received the name Inspector Clueso. (more…)

DIY Cute Beehive Made out of Paper Rolls and Kinder Surprise

If you want to make your kid’s room look more colorful and fun, then try this next idea that will teach you how to make a cute decoration. It is a beehive that can be mounted on the wall and will instantly cheer up the whole room. It is simple to make and it won’t cost you a lot of money as the basic materials you probably already have stored somewhere in a drawer. (more…)

These Succulent Plants Looks Like Little Hearts


Succulents are all so tiny and adorable. But how much does their cuteness factor rise when they come with heart-shaped leaves? The answer will be obvious once you see the picture collection, featuring miniature succulents called Canophytum Bilobum Plant. They are a rare type of Korean succulent and their heart-shape gives them an almost unreal look. Korean succulents are very diverse and can be recognized by a red or purple lining and some can even have brownish rust. (more…)

Tired Bumblebees Who Fell Asleep Inside Flowers With Pollen On Their Butts


Sometimes bumblebees get tired from flying and fall asleep in flowers with pollen all over their little furry bee butts. Like these lovely creatures below… (more…)

People are Using Their Free Time To Crochet Tiny Couches For Their Cats

Even though the world is going through a tough period, people still find joy in small things such as starting and arts and crafts project and getting creative.
It has been a good period to pick up a new hobby or learn new skills. If crocheting is your thing and you’ve run out of ideas, then you’ll surely love this next one. Some people have (more…)

Antique Bread Slicer Restoration

Restoration of an old and rusty bread slicer from the year of construction 1920. Restoration and repair.
I bought the bread slicer for $10 on ebay. After almost 100 years, the knife was very badly rusted. You could not cut bread anymore. The wooden boards were very damaged. There was a lot to do so that you could cut bread again with the bread slicer. (more…)

My chickens need a chicknic table…

This GoPro Camera Got Swallowed By Lava, Survived and Recorded Everything

Thanks to modern technology and advancements in this field, videos of unique phenomena are caught on camera and are recorded for future generations.
It is the same with this one of a kind footage of a volcano erupting, that was captured by a GoPro camera before being partially melted by the lava. (more…)

Young People Can’t Remember How Much More Wildlife There Used to Be

Deforestation, climate change, and environmental disasters are doing damage not only to humanity but also to wildlife. Unfortunately, more and more species are either disappearing or entering the endangered list and young people don’t even realize this. If you ask the elderly, they will surely remember how diverse wildlife used to be back in the days and how many species went extinct in just the past 10 years. (more…)

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