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2-Acre Vertical Farm Is Managed by AI and Robots and Uses 99% Less Land

Vertical farming is the future, and using the newest tech available to manage the farms of the future should be a priority for every big city, and not only. San Francisco is leading the way with the help of a tech start-up called Plenty, which specializes in vertical farming technology.
As cities are expanding and the population of the world is shifting more and more towards urban areas, the need to feed the masses will be an ardent one. (more…)

3D Landscape Embroidery Captures Colorful Aerial Views of England

If you love to have the window seat while flying, you’ve surely stared out of the window a lot of times and stared at the colorful patterns on the ground from up in the air. It is just so nice to see the landscape beneath you appear like small and colorful patchworks, while you’re enjoying your flight. (more…)

Photographer Captures ISS Passing Between Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Last week’s Great Conjunction was an amazing astronomical event and represents a unique occasion when Jupiter and Saturn appear to be the closest to each other.
It took place on the 21st of December, and the last time something similar to this happened was way back in the 13th century. That’s why photographers around the world have kept their eyes open and cameras alert for this amazing moment, and hoped to capture it on camera to make history. (more…)

Photographer Captures Perfect Shot of Bison Crossing Road Near “Bison Crossing” Sign

Sometimes timing is all you need to capture the perfect picture, and this next work is proof of this. Tim Osborne is a Candian wildlife photographer who happened to be in the right place, at the right time when he took a picture of a bison crossing the road.
When Osborne drove to the Elk Island National Park, he saw something that made him take out his camera in an instant and capture it for posterity. It was a bison crossing the road in the funniest spot, as he was crossing near while passing by a (more…)

Metal Chicken Yard Art

I absolutely love these whimsical chickens. For a farmhouse these will make a smashing addition to the garden area. These are available in the link below… (more…)

This Castle Was Built Into the Mouth of a Cave

Predjama Castle is one of the most amazing landmarks in Europe as it was built into the side of a cave.
The castle is located in Slovenia, just 6.8 miles away from Postojna, dates back to the 16th century, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. But discoveries have shown that the castle was first mentioned in 1274 when textbooks relate the construction of a Gothic-styled castle near the cave. (more…)

Researchers Discover King Tut’s Dagger Was Forged From a Meteorite

King Tut has always been an enigma to historians, and there is a mystery involving him even from the early days of his tomb’s discovery in 1922.
Tutankhamun began his reign very early when he was only nine years old and ruled for nine years, but most of the things know about his life have been discovered after the finding of his tomb.
One of the most interesting objects that have been buried with him, is his dagger which seems to be from another world. (more…)

Artist Transforms Found Stones Into Animals You Can Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

Never underestimate the power of art in transforming something trivial into an extraordinary work. Akie Nakata is a Japanese artist, who uses stones and rocks as her canvas to create the sweetest animal paintings that can be held in the palm of your hand.

She lets the stones inspire her when creating her characters and she first got into stone painting in 2011, after finding a rock that resembled a rabbit. Nakata has a lot of respect for nature and thinks that each encountered stone has its path, so she is very careful with each transformation and pays attention to the stone’s natural shape. (more…)

Amazing Steel Wire Sculptures Are Metal Masterpieces Merging Nature With Fantasy

British sculptor, Martin Debenhams creates the most beautiful and delicate stainless steel wire sculptures. His works draw inspiration from nature and mythical creatures, and the steel wire gives him a much needed artistic freedom.
The most amazing thing about Debenhams is that he learned the art of wire sculptors all by himself, and his three-dimensional works seem almost real. By placing his pieces in natural surroundings, the fantasy characters look almost like real persons or animals, only that they shine in the sunlight. (more…)

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