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Texans Are Rescuing Cold-Shocked Sea Turtles Stranded on Beaches

Texans are doing the best they can for their wildlife, as the state is facing a cold front and power grid outages. This cold vortex is not only dangerous for humans, but animals too and sea turtles are among the most affected.
They reside in the Gulf of Mexico and since the waters chilled quickly they couldn’t adapt their body temperature in time and were caught off guard. That’s why a lot of sea turtles went into a cold shock and became immobilized, this state posing a serious threat to their lives. (more…)

Amazon Is Selling A Tiny Home That Is Solar-Powered And Sets Up With A Remote Control

It’s an environment-friendly tiny house with solar power and wind power system on the top of the house. The whole house uses the remote control and can be folded and expanded automatically.
The expandable container house is fully furnished to load in shipping container. interior is equipped with luxury (more…)

Rare Albino Turtle Looks Like a Slice of Melted Cheese

A turtle that looks just like melted cheese? Sounds almost too fantastic to be true, but a farmer in India did stumble upon such a strange creature. The turtle has the color of cheddar cheese and its picture was posted online by someone working at the Indian Forest Service and everyone went crazy about it. (more…)

Miniature Dollhouse Cushions Meticulously Embroidered in Extraordinary Detail

An incredibly beautiful miniature cushion! The embroidery is spectacular! Amazing artisan. Hand embroidery miniature cushion for dollhouse decor. Size 3,5×3,5 cm. These are available in the link below… (more…)

The Best Milky Way Photographers of the Year Show the Beauty of Our Galaxy

Outer space is a neverending source of mystery and wonder, as we still know so little about the world outside our planet. Finding inspiration in the unknown, has always captured artists’ attention and photographers are no exception. (more…)

76-Year-Old Grandpa Expresses Himself with Timeless Style

Günther Krabbenhöft is the living proof that having style never goes out of style, no matter how old you are. He became an Internet sensation and is known as the most stylish grandpa out there. After pictures of his daily outfits were posted on the web, everybody wanted to learn more about his story. (more…)

A Teenager Discovered a New Planet on His Third Day on the Job

Sometimes the greatest discoveries are made when you least expect them. 17-year old high-schooler Wolf Cukier interned at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the summer of 2019. His main tasks were to examine the data collected by TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and see if it found anything noteworthy during its quest of looking for systems with two stars. (more…)

Photographer Captures One of the Last Surviving Female Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

There is a small group of indigenous people in Mongolia, who still preserve ancient traditions and are probably the last out there who still practice the art of eagle hunting. Falconry is the art of training eagles for hunting small animals, such as foxes and it is a skill that was transmitted from fathers to sons. (more…)

Beautiful Snowy Owl Has Returned to Central Park After 130 Years

Central Park has a new resident that captured everyone’s attention when it appeared this year on the 27th of January. The magnificent visitor is a snowy owl, which was spotted first in Manhattan and the people of the Internet learned quickly about the event through the Manhattan Bird Alert Twitter account. (more…)

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