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Finland Is Covering Reindeer Antlers With Reflective Paint To Prevent Auto Accidents

Finland’s roads can be a dangerous place to ride as the country is covered in forests which are the natural habitats of wild animals. Since at night it is nearly impossible to spot wild animals on road, and a lot of accidents happened in the country due to this, Finland decided to tackle the problem creatively. (more…)

Artist Turns Avocados Into Amazing Carved Masterpieces

Who knew the art of avocado carving can look so pleasing? Italian artist, Daniele Baresi has a soft spot for avocados and he decided to showcase this through his art. By using half avocados as his canvas, Baresi creates intricate shapes carved into the exotic fruit which look almost like wood carvings. (more…)

Free Software Lets You Easily Create Complex Japanese Wood Joinery

The art of Japanese wood joinery is an ancient one that requires years of studying to be mastered. Wood joinery is a complex art that will have a finite product of wood structures created without using screws, nails, or adhesives.

This intricate art served as the basis for many traditional Japanese architectural pieces and there are even buildings in Japan constructed with this technique. The hardest part of building the perfect pieces that fit together, is the carving of the wood, as each piece needs to complement the other, just like the pieces of a puzzle. (more…)

Beautiful Log Home In Montana

Log homes are so great because they usually come with an amazing view, which raises a lot in their value. This amazing NW Montana home is surrounded by the lush greenery of 30 acres, which makes it a hot listing on the market.
The log home named Ten Lakes Lodge is a private property protected by the US Forest Service and it is among the last ones still available for purchase. The property features an outdoor dining area and a hot tub facing the Whitefish mountains. (more…)

Elephant crashes into a woman’s home in search for food, as natural habitats shrink

A woman in Thailand found an unexpected visitor in her house in the middle of the night — a wild Asian elephant.

The destruction of forests and wild animals’ natural habitats is leading to severe consequences and some of them might be irreversible. More and more animals have left the forests, as their place to live was destroyed by humans and are looking for shelter in cities.
This can, of course, pose serious threats to both humans and wild animals, and this story from Thailand is only one such example. (more…)

A village made from driftwood!

Awesome Inspiration!



Strawberry Painted Stones to Protect Your Plants.

Put these STRAWBERRY PAINTED STONES around your strawberry plants and when birds come to investigate they will only find hard untasty rocks. Then when your plants produce juicy ripe berries the birds will still think that the berries are stone and will avoid eating them. A tried and true garden hack! Find them in the link below… (more…)

15+ Awesome Flower Pot Painting Ideas Kids can Make

Kids love arts and crafts projects, especially if they can get their hands dirty. If you are looking to plan a fun and crafty weekend with your children, you can use these flower pot painting ideas as inspiration. Beware that paint is involved, which means you’ll need a safe space in which the appearance of splashes will not disturb your feng shui. (more…)

Amazing Photo of a Sunrise During a Solar Eclipse Looks Like the Ocean Has Horns

Some natural phenomena are hard to forget, and for a photographer to captures these essential moments can be truly uplifting and a boost of confidence.
For Elias Chasiotis the wonders of the sky and universe, have always presented more interest than for others. Even since childhood, the amateur astronomer has (more…)

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