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Engineer Invents Ingenious Shelters For The Homeless That Retain Heat During Winter

As Winter is fast approaching, it is time to think about the less fortunate than us and do small acts of kindness. Many people are homeless and living on the streets and with the cold weather, finding a safe shelter is almost impossible.

A French inventor has come up with an ingenious idea of how he can improve the lives (more…)

Snapdragon Flowers are Beautiful, But They Turn to Skulls When They Die

Snapdragon flowers have a very peculiar feature that comes alive only when they die. They are also known as Antirrhinum and come in soft pink colors. Their beautiful petals offer a stunning view once they bloom, but when they die they start resembling skulls.
The snapdragon turns into something really scary, so it might be a good idea to keep it away from children or special occasions. And to make it look even scarier, once you squeeze the dead flower between your fingertips, the skull will open its mouth. (more…)

Loggerhead turtle trapped in an abandoned drift net

Sea turtles could vanish but plastic won’t

It’s estimated that over half of all sea turtles have ingested some form of plastic in their lifetime. When plastic is in the water where sea turtles feed, they can easily mistake the trash for food. Ingesting ocean plastic can cause internal blockages that often lead to starvation or death. (more…)

Beautiful Purple Crochet Table Runner

This table runner pattern is so beautiful. You can use it on a dinning table or an a coffee table to welcome guests. Just imagine how attractive it will look with a large candle centerpiece.
You can use it from one season to the next to dress your table stylishly!
This beautiful purple crocheted table runner is made by Maura Cristina. Also, It can be made in a wide range of colors. (more…)

Scientists Create ‘Artificial Leaf’ That Sucks CO2 Out of Air and Produces Clean Energy

Finding solutions for cleaning our air quickly and cost-effectively way has puzzled scientists for decades. How could we eliminate CO2 from the air and produce clean energy that can be then re-used?

Plants and trees seem to be essential in finding the answer to this problem as they are capable of absorbing CO2 and transforming it into oxygen. (more…)

This Smart Forest City in Mexico Will be 100% Energy Self Sufficient

Since the Earth’s climate is in an accelerated change and the overall temperatures are rising from year to year, finding a long-term solution for the climate crisis is of utmost urgency. Decades of pollution and ignorance have brought humanity close to a point of no turning back, but there is still a bit of time left to reverse the damage done. (more…)

Man Built Custom Kayak So He Could Take His Dogs On Adventures

When you have a 4-legged best friend, you want to experience every journey through life together with them. They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and you can tell this is true after reading this next story.

David Bahnson, who is a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont, loves to go kayaking. (more…)

Zoo Separates 5 Parrots After the Birds Were Caught Encouraging Each Other to Swear At Guests

At the British zoo Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre, keeping some of the bird residents’ vocabulary limited to G-rated language has proven challenging — and park employees had to go as far as separating five African grey parrots to squash the swearing.

According to the Associated Press, Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade, and Elsie — who all were welcomed to the park in August — were removed from each other’s presences since they were encouraging each other to curse and rally in expletive-filled rants together. (more…)

Texas GRAIN SILO Converted Into An Adorable GUESTHOUSE

Turning unconventional spaces into homes is an ongoing trend that does not seem to be coming to an end soon. This is good news, as they are a great source of inspiration for anyone who is looking to transform either their home or space, they own that needs a makeover. Amy Kleinwatcher from La Grange Texas happened to find a grain silo that was no longer in use, so she decided to transform it into a beautiful house, which she named Old World Antieks. Before this, she has already built a farmhouse (more…)

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