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Archeologist Spends Over 35 Years Building Enormous Scale Model of Ancient Rome

The Museum of Roman Civilization hosts one of the most impressive miniature plaster models of ancient Rome ever created, named Plastico di Roma Imperiale. The piece of art was commissioned by Mussolini in 1933 and represents a 1:250 scale model of a 4th century Rome, from the time of Constantine I. (more…)

Turn an old trampoline into a beautiful garden archway!


Artist Turns Old Silverware into Blooming Flower Bouquets

One of the best features of contemporary art is its versatility and use of unconventional materials to build an entire universe of amazing art pieces. British artist, Ann Carrington creates amazing floral arrangements using silverware and her botanical designs are a delight to the viewer’s eye. To make her blossoming silver bouquets, Carrington uses household and kitchen tools, such as forks, knives, and spoons that are carefully pieced together to mimic blooming flowers. (more…)

This Artist Creates the Most Amazing Paper Cranes with Feathery Details

Cristian Marianciuc is a very talented paper artist, who established a challenge to himself, and namely to create 1000 origami cranes in 1000 days.
He started working on this challenge in 2015, and after reaching his objective, Marianciuc couldn’t stop making the cranes which resulted in an extensive collection (more…)

Nightstand Chair Transformation

An old piece of furniture offers so many new possibilities and can be a great supply for your next craft. If you have a large garage or some available storage space, keeping your old furniture until a great tutorial comes along, seems like a good idea. If you haven’t got a stash of old furniture in your basement, (more…)

This Historic Ship Reclaimed By Nature Has a Second Life

Small forest growing on a shipwreck in the Pacific Northwest

Nature has its way to reclaim its space and when humans interfere, it always finds a way to make space for itself. This historic ship is located in Washington State and a forest started blooming on its surface, covering it with lush green trees.
The shipwreck can be found in Anacortes and is named La Merced, and has been in the same place since 1966. (more…)

Natural Control Option for Grubs

Learn how to apply Nematodes to control Grubs

For any lawn enthusiast the white grub is public enemy #1! The brown patches they leave on your lawn are an eyesore that are just ugly. Fight grubs naturally with beneficial nematodes, naturally occurring microscopic worms that prey on grubs. An enemy of my enemy is my friend! (more…)

Perfect BBQ tool for backyard parties – Great Gift!

This beer can chicken stand makes a great gift for the “hard to buy for guy” or “the person that has everything”.Ideal for Fathers day and Mothers day, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Housewarming gift or (more…)

Personalized Egg Containers

These containers are great for storing your farm fresh eggs. They make a perfect gift for chicken lovers and backyard chicken owners.

They have a lid and are stackable, so buy more than one! (more…)

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