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World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 And Still Has Many Lives Left

When the world’s oldest cat has his birthday, even the Internet goes crazy and reports it everywhere. Nutmeg is the oldest cat in the world, and he celebrated his 31st birthday, which is equal to 141 years in human years. The owners of Nutmeg are Liz and Ian Finlay and they welcomed the cat into their home for the first time in 1990. Nutmeg was a stray cat who regularly visited their housecat, Spice, and eventually moved in with the Finlays. When they first took the cat to the vet as he had an ugly abscess on his neck, Nutmeg was already 5 years old and not a kitten anymore. (more…)

Artist Creatively Turns Foliage Into Sleeping Bird

Creating art out of natural elements can be a real challenge, as the artist never knows how long its work will last. The Jardin of Plantes in Nantes, France is one of the largest parks of the city, which means plenty of space for artists to showcase their creations. (more…)

INSIDE LOOK: Nashville district welcomes new community of tiny homes for homeless

A lot of cities have tackled the problem of homelessness in creative ways and Nashville is joining the list. The city established a new project of a tiny house community to shelter people living on the street and offer them a home.
The houses can be found in South Nashville and the community received the name The Village. The tiny houses have been built after the city received a grant of $270,000 from the Center for Disease Control Foundation in collaboration with the National Institute for Medical Respite Care. (more…)

Easy Homemade Dill Relish Recipe

An easy, wonderfully versatile and utterly deeeeelicious homemade dill relish recipe! Canning instructions are included so you can enjoy this relish all year long! (more…)

Use Clear Umbrellas From The Dollar Store For A DIY Greenhouse Hack

There is a gardening hack that has been going viral online and it only requires one cheap item, a clear umbrella you could find at a local dollar store. A clear umbrella placed over your plants will act as a mini-greenhouse and trap humidity inside to keep the sprouts healthy and happy. (more…)

Macramé Hammock Bed for Cats

LOVE this Macramé Hammock Bed for Cats!
These cat hammocks are made of 100% pure cotton, clean color and it is super super soft, with no bad smell at all, We care very much about the comfy of your cats. (more…)

ZOO BABY ALERT: Rare ocelot twins born at Houston zoo

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Two healthy ocelot cubs were born at the Houston Zoo, marking the first ocelot cubs to be born in the Houston Zoo in 20 years. The zoo announced the birth Wednesday, saying the babies were born on May 29.

Parents, Genoveve and Jack, came to the Houston Zoo in the (more…)

3 Secs Tent

This lightweight, multi-season 3 Secs Tent will change your perspective & experience of camping! The tent uses an advanced pre-assembled mechanism that allows you to set it up & take it down automatically! Saving you a lot of time, (more…)

Face-To-Face Expression Swing

Whatever a child experiences or feels is written all over their faces. In the initial years, children convey all their emotions through a range of cute and funny expressions. Parents love to look at their expressive and (more…)

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