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This Dog Carrying A Box Of Beer Costume Might Be The Best We’ve Ever Seen

This dog costume is carefully crafted from soft material, which looks cool and adorable. The vivid color with comfortable texture will ensure its practicability and popularity among dogs. It is easy to put on and comfortable to your little dog. and it’s great for special occasion and taking photos. Perfect for Halloween! Continue reading “This Dog Carrying A Box Of Beer Costume Might Be The Best We’ve Ever Seen” »

DIY Dog Sweater

Is your pet a bit cold when the holidays are approaching? There is a way in which all the household, not just the rooms and family are prepared for this special time of the year. You could spare him the shivers and give it an early Christmas gift of a handmade sweater and hat. This DIY method is extremely easy and cheap. You won’t have to wonder around pet shops and you will be doing Mother Nature Continue reading “DIY Dog Sweater” »

Viking Pizza Axe

Behold, the ultimate pizza cutter axe, designed and made solely for you to be the final form of all pizza cutters. The holy hand grenade of pizza cutters axe. It’s designed to work like an ulu knife so when you cut the pizza, the toppings stay put with no nasty wheel cleaning. Continue reading “Viking Pizza Axe” »

Used Baseball Leather Pendant Necklace

What an awesome gift for the baseball enthusiast! Baseball moms! Baseball dads! Coaches! Team players!
These baseball necklaces are made from used tournament baseballs! Continue reading “Used Baseball Leather Pendant Necklace” »

Bicycle Wheel Turned Into Lovely Wreath

Make all your biking friends jealous with this awesome wreath. Not only can you finally put that dented bike rim you’ve had in the garage to use, you will also be able to show everyone in the neighborhood just how much you love cycling. Or you can buy a lovely wreath from Vickie, a passionate about wreaths and floral arrangements and she providing you with a quality produc. Continue reading “Bicycle Wheel Turned Into Lovely Wreath” »

Colorful Doll Crocs

These are a perfect addition to your doll fashions for 18″Dolls like American Girl or Our Generation Dolls and will fit Bitty Baby Dolls. Continue reading “Colorful Doll Crocs” »

The Blue Mycean Mushroom also know as the blue ‘Pixies’ Parasol

They are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like these before. We do live on a fabulous planet.
These tiny blue mushrooms are known as Mycena interrupta or Pixie’s Parasol fungi. These mushrooms can be found in small colonies on rotting, moist wood in rainforests, or eucalypt forests. Continue reading “The Blue Mycean Mushroom also know as the blue ‘Pixies’ Parasol” »

This Cat Backpack Looks Like a Real Live Cat

Products with cats are the best! That’s why this next backpack is pure genius and will surely turn lots of heads around. It is a cat-shaped backpack that looks so real that people will think that you’re walking around with your kitten on your back. This awesome bag will even hold your things and you won’t have to worry that they will be scratched or damaged. Continue reading “This Cat Backpack Looks Like a Real Live Cat” »

Braided Corn Silk

Braided corn silk of course! The silk is part of the #female flowers of the corn plant that functions to trap pollen from the #male flower of the corn (tassel). Each silk strand is connected to a corn kernel, which functions as the corn’s ovary.

Continue reading “Braided Corn Silk” »

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