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480 SF Tiny Gothic Castle

Owning a gothic castle sounds like a farfetched idea, but what about building your own tiny gothic castle inspired house? The Rempis family decided to switch their large 2,150-square foot house for a tiny home, but since they love scary movies and gothic architecture, they also wanted a home with a twist.
Their gothic tiny house faced a big challenge in accommodating a family of three and three dogs plus three cats, but with the help of Triple B Construction from Castalian Springs, Tennessee their dream came true. (more…)

Amazing Sculptures Made from Woven Rods of Willow

Basket weaving requires true craftsmanship and it is one of the arts that dates back to centuries and was present in different cultures around the world.

British sculptor, Anna & the Willow mastered the art of weaving and added a contemporary approach to it, creating amazing sculptures in England’s forests. Her works of art are made from rods of willow and are lifelike sculptures, such as her 9-foot tall work named The Huntress of Skipton Castle Woods. (more…)

Researchers Crack Mathematical Code of 3,700-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet

The ancient Babylonian tablet, known as Plimpton 322 was discovered by Edgar K. Banks, who later became the inspiration for the Indiana Jones movie series. The tablet discovered in Iraq almost 100 years ago, is made of clay and thought to be 3,700-year-old. Banks sold it to George Plimpton for $10 but now the significance of the tablet and its importance to mathematics is started to become more clear. (more…)

This Raised Bed Makes Gardening Wheelchair Accessible

The purpose of La Valise, a French collective of architects, is to bring together communities through their work and to provide spaces in which people can interact with one another and their surroundings. (more…)

These Retro Campers Are Made With a Functioning Row Boat That Doubles as The Roof

If you like being on the road and living a modern nomad life, this camper is exactly what you’ll need to drive you places. It is a camper with a beautiful retro design and was built in honor of an older design from the 1960s.

This camper’s origins can be dated back to Washington and a company named the Tow-Row Company and its uniqueness lies in its roof that can be turned into a rowboat. (more…)

Jupiter, Saturn align closely in rare ‘Great Conjunction’ – watch live

In a celestial phenomenon not seen in 397 years, Jupiter and Saturn, from the perspective of observers on Earth, will appear to be aligned so closely they will almost seem to be one single “star” in the sky. Every few years, from the perspective of earthlings, the two planets seem to pass each other in the same general area of the sky and that is known as a conjunction. (more…)

This is how a Toddler decorates a Christmas tree

Mom shares a funny photo of how her toddler decorated a Christmas Tree.

A mom posted a photo on Twitter showing how her 4-year-old daughter decorated her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree. (more…)


Since the tiny house community is so widespread nowadays, it is a real challenge to find inspiring designs and out-of-the-box ideas. Seems like everything that can be done in terms of tiny house design has been already made…or maybe not! (more…)

Antique Watches and Medical Equipment Morph Into Meticulous Steampunk Spiders

Budapest-based artist Peter Szucsy has a rich background in art direction and started his career as a rendering artist who brought to life bizarre scenes from video games. (more…)

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