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Bark Spitz! Video shows dog swimming in pool while carrying chihuahua

A chihuahua ride on the back of a dog on a warm day sounds just like the beginning of a joke. But it is a true story, and there are adorable pictures that serve as proof all over the Internet. Ben the Great Pyrenees seems to be having a chihuahua as a best friend, and what are friends for if not to be there for you in times of need? So, when the tiny doggy, Tim needed to cross a lake in McHenry, Illinois, Ben was there to give him the ride. (more…)

The Biggest And Most Expensive House In The World

The biggest and most expensive house in the world is a 105,000 square foot modern masterpiece in Bel Air created by developer and visionary Nile Niami. The property features a nightclub, fifty car garage, AMC style theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools and sits on a plot of land at the top of Bel Air the size of a city block. Join us as we tour the world’s biggest (more…)

Proper Way To Plant Tomatoes

Crafty Kamala Harris is the new star of the crochet community

Doing an arts and crafts project has lots of benefits. Besides stimulating creativity and learning how to focus on one thing, it can also encourage children to be more responsible in finishing a project they started.
Vice President, Kamala Harris is among those who picked up crocheting from a very (more…)

Solar Powered Sunflower Lights Illuminate Your Garden

Spring is just around the corner and this could be the right time to start preparing your garden for some outdoor hangouts. Once you decided upon the design and arrangements, you can start thinking about lighting. (more…)

People Are Using Dollar Store Laundry Baskets As Strawberry Planters

Some people are so inventive, and thanks to the Internet they can quickly share their useful tips and tricks with everyone. The dollar store hides a lot of treasures, which at a first glance might seem useless and cheap, but with a bit of creativity can be turned into ingenious items.
Someone channeled their inner engineer spirit and transformed a dollar store laundry basket into a strawberry planter that works perfectly. The baskets are perfect as they have little openings where the strawberries (more…)

Luminous Glass Sculptures Come to Life With Human Interaction

Rui Sasaki is a Japanese glass artist, who envisions fluid sculptures that interact with humans and come to life before the viewer’s eyes. Sasaki aims to reproduce the unpredictability of weather and encapsulate it in phosphorescent glass that stores light and shines in the dark.

Her works are spread across a wide variety of shapes, from raindrops to more abstract objects, all glowing when placed in a dark room. Sasaki’s interest in the weather became more acute when she moved from the Kanto region to Hokuriku, a region where the climate is in constant change. (more…)

Easy crochet girl’s booties

Crocheting is such a calming activity, and if you like surprising your friends with handmade gifts, a crochet item is always a good idea. If you have friends with newborns or there’s an upcoming baby shower in the near future, these adorable crochet boots are here to inspire you.
Don’t worry if you have no idea how to start this project, as there is a video tutorial provided that will offer you guidance step by step. (more…)

Homeless Man Shares Tiny Room With A Dog He Met On The Streets

It is mind-blowing that there are still people who would hurt animals, and do not recognize them as sentient beings with a right to a decent life. With animal cruelty being a constant discussion in the public sphere, animal rights activists still have a lot of hardship to face in the upcoming years. (more…)

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