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Parrot trapped on roof keeps telling fire crew to “f**k off”

Firefighters are risking their own life to save ours. And there are not only humans they’re helping, but animals as well. And while we are so grateful for their great job, we can’t say the same for some animals they’ve rescued.

While trapped on a roof, Jessie, a Macaw parrot did’t have the best opinion about the rescue team sent to rescue her. And she expressed her thoughts by using some words just as colorful as its plumage is. (more…)

Built-in dog beds underneath people bed

Here’s a great idea for dog lovers. Built-in dog beds underneath people bed. Nice idea though and easy to do in a kid’s room. What do you think? (more…)

Rose Succulents Are A Thing And They Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Called Greenovia Dodrentalis, these succulents have curved layered petals that make the plants look just like roses. Mostly they’re found in the Canary Islands but we would say they belong somewhere in a fairy tale because of how unique and magical they look! Keep on scrolling to check out some pictures (more…)

You Can Spend the Night in Luxury Glass Igloos Looking Up at the Northern Lights

Watching the Aurora Borealis should be the one thing everybody writes down on his or her bucket list. This experience can be quite life changing, especially if you are in a state in which you can really observe this phenomenon. Now you can have a vacation just for this.

How to Shop Healthy at Aldi on a Budget

In the next video, Melissa Gallagher, a Natural Doctor, Nutritionist, Nutritionist & Lymphatic Drainage Therapist from will show you how to be healthy on a budget without compromising taste, quality or a specialized diet plan. This video focuses on how to shop at Aldi. This is a beginners video with tips and tricks to getting the best, healthiest items to stock up in your pantry and freezers. (more…)

Grandpa Brings Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Likes Chair Too

This elderly man wanted to get a comfortable piece of furniture. So his family decided to take him to find suitable couches and chairs. However, the grandfather had one small request. He told his family that he wanted his loyal companion to check out the furniture before buying it. If you are wondering who this loyal companion is, it is none other than his dog, Coco. (more…)

Animal Bar Stools

How about these stools? I think they’re great! If you’ve been to a Rainforest Cafe worldwide, you’ve sat on one of Glenn’s stools; These stools are made one at a time with solid hardwood and hand painted; (more…)

DIY Painted Pumpkins for Halloween

Pumpkin Painters are a fun way to decorate pumpkins, offering a creative and safe alternative to carving and candles. Handy Art Pumpkin Painters have pressure sensitive valves which ensure that markers won’t spray when squeezed. Filled with Handy Art Tempera Paint, create spooky pumpkin faces or Halloween scenes on windows! (more…)

Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit for Halloween and Party

Yes, we love decorating for Halloween! But carving real pumpkins can be messy and risky and they don’t last very long, so this year why not using some foam pumpkin decorations to make them the star of your fall table! (more…)

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