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Forget Drive-Ins: Paris Hosts Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats On Seine River

The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of changes to everyday life and once summer came, social distancing started to become even harder. Once lockdowns ended and people started roaming on the streets, a lot of large cities had to come up with creative ways of spending summer outdoors safely. (more…)

Alaska High School Teacher Hunted a Moose and had his Students Butcher the Animal to Learn Life Skills

Science classes can be scary sometimes, especially if you’re not used to doing out-of-the-box experiments. One bold anatomy teacher thought of an alternative way to teach his student some real-life skills in his class called “World Discovery Seminar”. (more…)

Could Hemp Toilet Paper Save The World?

Hemp can be used in so many ways and there are lots of products that can be made out of it. It is relatively easy to grow, organic, and doesn’t need pesticides to survive. It also takes around 70 days to grow and harvest hemp, so it is cheap and quick to grow raw material.
It seems that hemp can make great toilet paper, as it is made of odorless fibers and (more…)

People are making tiny chocolate chip cookies into cereal, and it’s the hottest new food trend on TikTok

Every cereal-lover knows that chocolate chips cookie cereals are the best and hottest items. There are even times when finding this specific type of cereal can be challenging so why not try to make it at home?
Chocolate chip cookies are great with milk, which means tiny pieces of this cookie, in the form of cereal, must be amazing, right? (more…)

A breathtaking picture of newlyweds kissing underwater was a ‘dream come true’ for the photographer

Some photos are iconic, and you instantly recognize it after seeing one. This breathtakingly beautiful picture of two newlyweds underwater is one of those iconic pictures. It was taken in Apopka, Florida by Kimber Greenwood, and it also won an award at the Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition. (more…)

A photo of mice brawling in a London tube station just won a major photography award

Two mice fighting in a London tube station sounds like the start of a good joke, right? Well, it is a real-life event that was caught on camera by one lucky photographer who also one a major photography award with this picture. The picture was named “Station Squabble” and was made by Sam Rowley who entered it to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition held by London’s Natural History Museum. (more…)

This Couple Builds A Mini Pub In A Garden, Stuns People With Its Handmade Interior

Because of lockdown, many creative people around the world have started building things in their backyard just to be able to enjoy the same activities as before. One of the most popular such activity was to start building your backyard pub, so you can have a nice glass of wine or beer outside your house. (more…)

Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow Captured Over New York

Have you ever heard of a quadruple rainbow? If not, then there is no worry as they are very rare, and such a phenomenon happens only occasionally. But a very lucky New Yorker managed to capture such a rainbow on camera and shared the inspiring picture on social media platforms. (more…)

DIY Weed-Be-Gone Spray – Better Alternative To Harsh Chemicals

Spraying your garden with all sorts of industrial chemicals can do more harm than good. Instead of buying products sold by gardening department stores, why now make your products at home?
This way you can keep track of what ingredients you use and can make sure that your garden stays healthy and is cared for. This amazing DIY weed spray will help you can your yard weed-free and contains only natural ingredients. (more…)

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