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  1. Maria says:

    Hello! So glad to see you here! You are right about green it can go very badly, very quickly. But, green can also add wtmarh to a space without adding too much color; in fact, many greens can be considered neutrals! You could give a couple different greens a try: Sherwin Williams #7727 Koi Pond is a nice earthy green, but not too dark. Sherwin Williams #6163 Grassland is another option a little more gray. Sherwin Williams #6177 Softened Green is lovely, too, as is the color one shade darker Clary Sage but, these are definitely more green than the others. I’ve also had good luck with Benjamin Moore’s #HC-115 Georgian Green and #HC-116 Guilford Green. Another option for creating a warm space without adding too much color is yellow. Don’t think sunshine but rather wheat. Using a beige with gold undertones keeps the walls neutral, but adds a ton of wtmarh. Look at Sherwin Williams #6127 Ivoire, (one of my faves along with Blonde one shade darker), #6121 Whole Wheat, or #7691 Biltmore Buff. As always, I recommend buying a small sample pot of the colors you are considering, so you can really view the color in the room and in all different light levels. Live with it for a few days, and be sure to view it at night and on cloudy/sunny days to get a full idea of how dark you want to go with your color. You can also paint the color on a white posterboard so you can move it from wall to wall throughout the day just keep in mind that the color will likely be a little richer when you paint 2 coats on your wall!I hope these ideas will give you a place to start. Let me know what you decide to do!

  2. Yairt says:

    Wonderful information. Thank You for sharing!

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