Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Lovely Turtles


What we have here is a cool idea for kids: recycled plastic bottles becoming lovely turtles! Isn’t it great? … and it is not difficult to be put into practice. The entire family will have some fun together: firstly, when creating them and afterwards, when playing with them (this part will mostly be enjoyed by your kids).

What you’ll need:

Craft foam or foam sheets
Bottom of PET bottle
Marker pen (alcohol)
Scissors, needle, embroidery thread, buttons








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7 Responses to “Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Lovely Turtles”

  1. Jane da Rosa Fontoura says:

    Muito legal para se fazer com crianças.obrigada.

  2. Liz says:

    Defeats using recycled material when you’re using craft foam! Very disappointed. I was hoping to find something with a conscience.

  3. Tia Masini says:

    Medical Conditions

  4. Ruby says:

    If you don’t want to use craft foam you could reuse the foam trays that are used in the meat dept. of grocery stores. Be sure to wash them well. I have seen them in blue and pink as well as white.

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