Refugee Tents That Collect Rainwater and Store Solar Energy

Each tent has its own water collection system, utilizing the natural channels formed by the skin to direct water to the storage point. By using a fabric with strong thermal properties, the tents can also convert solar radiation into power and heat water

Once the project will be put into practice, refugees around the world will have access to a flat-pack tent, that meets their needs and while also being practical. Regular tarpaulin tents used nowadays, are not fit for harsh conditions or disaster zones as they are not very durable and extreme weather conditions can damage them fast. Seikaly wants to make a tent that will help improve the living conditions of refugees while in transit and what inspired her design are ancient weaving techniques.

Using a new type of material, that bends easily the fabric tent she created provides shelter, shade, and warmth at the same time. It is also a highly sustainable design, as it captures sunlight and transforms it into energy and can also store rainwater in containers. For now, the production of the tent was put on hold, but hopefully, things will start moving fast as it can bring some great benefits to people in need.

Via Materia

Photos by Abeer Seikaly

5 Responses to “Refugee Tents That Collect Rainwater and Store Solar Energy”

  1. Birgit Stakic says:

    Where can I buy this tend in Europe? How much does it cost?
    Well done,Thank you!!

  2. keith E jones says:

    The aesthetics of this design is awesome. I would love to have some at our seasonal whale watching camp in Mexico. Should real life models ever get built I want one

  3. Rajendra Vishwanath Choudhary says:

    Innovative design save labour of water carrying from far places

  4. Mr. Kalakis says:

    Hello, i am interested on your tends. Please give to me information’s about size,(one or more sizes ?) your best prize for one ,10,20 pieces. What material.
    Waiting to your reply.
    Best regards
    Babis Kalakis
    Phone ++30 26450 29604 mob. ++30 6976900704

  5. says:

    How do I buy tent

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