Spacious two-bedroom tiny house is fit for a small family

When it comes to the critics of tiny houses, most of them consider these too small for a family that has children. But owning a tiny house doesn’t mean you can’t have children or that you have to feel uncomfortable all the time because the lack of space. There are tiny houses that are just perfect for a family with two children, such as this next one. This is a spacious two bedroom tiny house designed by the South Carolina-based company called Driftwood Homes. The home has a large loft a master bedroom located on the ground floor which is also used as an office space. The entire home was built on a 24-foot trailer and has a well-equipped kitchen with a fold-down table for dining. The cheerful colors used in the interior design and the open space from downstairs, transform this tiny house into a cozy and welcoming home. In the bedroom the bed can be folded up so it will turn into a desk for the office. When it comes to tiny homes, clever design is essential, so make sure you look for inspiration and advice before starting your own tiny home project.

  • 280-square-foot




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