Stone Cottage Design Inspired by ‘The Hobbit’


Are you a fan of The Hobbit series and of J. R. R. Tolkien? If the answer is yes, you are going to love this next design. The Hobbit House was created by a company located in Pennsylvania, called Archer and Buchanan and they managed to recreate the entire house from the popular firm series. As you can tell just by a look, the owner is a huge fan of The Hobbit and the talented architects managed to build him the house of his dreams. Each and every detail is carefully executed, but the most eye-catching one is the circular door. This particular piece took a lot more time to make, as it was first estimated as no craftsmen seemed to be suitable for the task. Luckily, the architects have found an open minded ironworker, who able to create the perfect door. Take a look at the pictures to convince yourself of the genius of Archer and Buchanan and to discover all the hidden treasures of the house. Sadly, no one is going to live inside the Hobbit House as it will host the owner’s collection of Tolkien collectibles.














9 Responses to “Stone Cottage Design Inspired by ‘The Hobbit’”

  1. Random college graduate says:

    What no comments! R u kidding me!!!!

    That study ROCKS! 🙂

    picture 10 is awesome, dunno about trickle treat if you’re not a fan of the film.

  2. andreas marcellus says:

    very nice building

  3. Terry says:

    I WANT it!!!! Oh to have money…

  4. Dottie says:

    I would live in it. The stonework is wonderful. As another commenter stated, “Oh, to have money!”

  5. T says:

    WHAT A SHAME no one will live in it! It is the best place I have ever seen. I could spend the rest of my days there!

  6. Nancy says:

    OMG, this is totally gorgeous!! My husband wants to build another house, and this is the only way he’d ever get me out of our present home that he built 32 years ago. I LOVE this!!! I’d love to find plans??

  7. Hippiechick says:

    Amazing!! I love the series and the movies, this little.piece of Hobbiton rocks!

  8. Alva says:

    I have always loved Rock homes or stone homes and this just stole my heart! I think I better get busy and try to win that Lottery LOL!

  9. Josie kokorsch says:

    I love ! Everything About it is gorgeous. Could live there in a heart beat.

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