Crochet Cow With Calf Pattern

With this design, the adult cow’s body has an internal pocket which opens to reveal the baby calf inside! This pattern is available in the link below…

You Ever Feel Sad, These Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Will Make You Smile

Highland cattle are so adorable and they make the best companion for an outdoor loving family. If you like to spend time outside and have enough space for fluffy cattle, Highland calves will be your favorite new pets. They have long hair and a cute pink tongue and look simply adorable. ...

Cow Crochet Pattern

Love these cows! Cutest crochet cows i’ve ever seen!!! The pattern is easy to follow and detailed. It is well written and illustrated. I really liked that there were short tutorial video links so I could learn how to do the parts I didn’t know how to do.
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