Creative Bird Feeder Ideas

Spring is the perfect season for outdoor fun and relaxation. It’s the season of blooming trees, smell of flowers in the air and animals that come out from their winter hybernation. It’s is also the time for birds to fly back from warmer places and visit our yards. So if ...

8 Creative Ideas on How to Recycle Old Cars

With every passing year, your new bought car is losing value. If you too have one or a few old cars whose technical parts you sold and got left with the body work, there is a variety of creative ideas you could use. The re-uses DIY projects provided here are for many tastes. Take ...

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate with Concrete Blocks

Do you know that concrete blocks can be used in other ways ? Here you will find 10 creative projects to decorate with concrete blocks.. Enjoy!

DIY Skateboard Swing

Are you looking for new creative ideas ? Here’s a cute achievable craft project  in just 20 minutes. The Skateboard Swing is good solution for this summer. First, grab your old skateboard or ask around the playground for one kids recently broke its wheels. You will use it to ...

Repurposed Wire Spool Ideas

The DIY community has plenty of creative ideas for all kind of projects. This time, we found a nice collection of what you can do with wire spools. Repurposing one in a stylish table is something commonly done. But the way you do it is what really matters. You can opt for a rustic ...

The Horse’s Glass: Special Gift For Horse Lovers

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As you already know, on this website you can find some of the most interesting and creative ideas in terms of design. But prepare, as this next one can be easily named one of the most imaginative ideas ever. The project ...

DIY Project: Homemade Plastic Cup Lamp

Lights are an important feature for most of the rooms in the house. If you liked to create your very own lamps and lampshades, you would find a huge resource of creative ideas on this page.

Give your old chair a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden

Old chairs can be used as decorations. You can make particularly interesting decorations for the garden. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for using chairs in our gardens. Here are a few examples:

Creative Ideas for Your Easter Brunch

The spring has just arrived and Easter is right around the corner. Here i have a few creative ideas to plan dinner, dessert, and décor. Here are the steps how to make an creative bunny napkin fold!
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