DIY Easter Lambs

How would you like to make some cute Easter decorations that are also edible? This cute little Easter lamb is easy to make and can be the main decoration of a tasty cake or other sweets. To make them, you will have to search your memories and remember how your childhood when you used ...

Nice Project Using Old CDs

If you were thinking about nice décor, DIY, old, paintings, and CDs, then you’ve clicked on the right website. You can prepare this next craft in preparation for Easter or as an ordinary weekend activity. It involves the technique of decoupage, which is an easy and fun method of ...

DIY Cute Easter Project

Preparations for spring festivities have started and you don’t want to remain behind, right? Start work early this year, and try to make this cute DIY project. Involve your kids as well and have fun in the process! In order to achieve this, you will need:

DIY Easter Bunny Bag

Spring has come and Easter is just around the corner. So you better be prepared to decorate accordingly. Take this creative project of a bunny candy bag made out of plastic plates. It is quite easy to do and fun to involve your kids as well. Grab these materials

Easter Bunny Cake

The festivities of Easter are pretty far away but with Valentine’s Day out of the picture this year, it’s pretty wise to plan ahead; especially if you are enthusiastic about occasions to show off your gastronomical talent. Here is a suggestion that blends passion for food ...
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