‘Remarkable’ and rare Roman mosaic unearthed in farmer’s field in Rutland

Many amazing ancient mosics that have been discovered over the years in unexpected places, and this next one has been lying under a farmer’s field in Rutland, England. This one is a centuries-old Roman mosaic, and it was estimated to date back to the third or fourth century AD. The ...

Farmer Who Refuses To Sell Land Grows Crops Between New Apt Buildings

Big companies taking over people’s land to build apartments is a commonly met practice which has been going on for a long time in different places of the world. It also happened in Poland where a farmer’s land was slowly surrounded by a newly built residential complex until a ...

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border

A farmer in Belgium has caused a stir after inadvertently redrawing the country’s border with France. A local history enthusiast was walking in the forest when he noticed the stone marking the boundary between the two countries had moved 2.29m (7.5ft).

Farmer Spends 7 Years Building Incredible Spiral Ramp to His Barn

This amazing barn is located in Valldal, Norway and it is an example of the most stunning amateur building skills. The barn features an incredible spiral stone ramp which took 7 years of hard work to build and became famous in 2014 when it was published in Norway’s historic barns.

Wanted: A farmer. Successful organic farm is closing because no one wants to run it

Ten years of planning, 10 years of want ads and hope and worry, ended one day in October when Don Kretschmann realized it wasn’t going to work; no one was going to step in. This was going to be the last harvest at Kretschmann Family Organic Farm.

Farmer wants McDonald’s to print car number plates on takeaway packaging

A farmer from the UK has thought about an interesting solution to shame those who litter. Tom Martin, who is the owner of the Facebook page called Farmer Tom has launched an invitation to McDonald’s to start printing car number plates on their takeaway packaging. After years of ...

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop

If you’re determined on having a successful career as a farmer, you should keep your expenses at a low. And DIY solutions are a best way to do exactly that. We suggest you build your own DIY Backyard Chicken Coop. Before starting, decide on what features the coop should have. ...
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