Flower Pot Cookie Cakes

These next flower pot cookies look so great that it will be hard for you to eat them. They are perfect for your next garden party as they are colorful and look as if they were a part of your garden decoration. You can serve them with ice cream or with any kind of cream and they will ...

DIY – Flower Pot Made From Plastic Bottles

What we have here is a creative idea for any home. To make flower pot made ​​of plastic bottles you need some stuff. Things needed are plastic bottles, colored markers, scissors / cutter, paint.

DIY Clothespin Transformed Into Flower Pot

Spring is almost, and i want to telling you about this beautiful thing you can do yourselves at home with a little imagination and very little materials. This is a DIY Clothespin Flower Pot that is perfect to hold small plants and looks like very good. First thing’s first , so if ...
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