DIY Mushroom House

This is a nice handmade decoration out of plaster. The technique is rather simple and it depends on you to give it that fairytale/natural aspect with a paintbrush. In order to make this DIY mushroom house, you will need:

Handmade Christmas Chupa Chups Ball Decoration

When you are through with reading this tutorial, you will be able to make a Christmas toy or decoration with your own two hands. We all want to decorate for the holidays in the most extraordinary way possible. With this very original Christmas decoration, you turn an ordinary piece ...

DIY Project: Wall Mounted Folding Table

We are going to show how easy it is to create a handmade folding table which can be mounted on a wall. Below you’ll see the pictures with the dimensions of the table and now you can get started with purchasing the materials you’ll need for your DIY project. You will need ...
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