How about a pair of witch shoe candy dishes! These are going to look fantastic on the treat tables filled with goodies. A few alterations to a pair of ordinary shoes, a bottle of glitter and these are yours. I dare you not to try to put them on!

Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes

  A girl cannot have enough pairs of shoes. But with a lot of shoes comes a great responsibility, as you need to store them somewhere. Leaving them in the halls of your house is not a solution as it creates a messy look. So the most suitable option would be to store them in a ...

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Keep your shoes organized and save floor space by storing your shoes in this shoe cabinet. It has a slender profile, versatile white finish, 36-shoe capacity, three drawers and pewter-colored pulls. Concealed storage meets contemporary design. White finish. The top drawer is a perfect ...
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