DIY Colorful Lights Using Solar Lights And Jars

Turning your home into a space suited for evening events is something of a hard job. Especially if you are busy and active during the day, reserving nights for sleep, without many people around. We recommend you this easy to make solution, with which you can impress

Colored Solar Powered Walkway

Are you searching for better and useful methods to decorate your yard? This can be your lucky day, as we present the next awesome piece of decoration. Blending technology with simple building materials, some creative people have come up with a clever idea to light up your yard or ...

Ceramic Cascade Solar Fountain

These creative solar fountains fits perfect in your yard or patio, in different colors like green, blue and many other color combinations. Water tumbles from one glazed ceramic vessel to the next and then recycles back to the top via a hidden solar-powered pump. The solar panel can ...
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