Cozy Apartment With Ingenious Storage Solutions

Designed by JPDA, this small apartment measures only 500 square feet. The apartment was decorated in a way that would respond to its owners’ needs that also work from home. It’s a contemporary apartment with storage hidden in the most unexpected places, like the stairs for example. ...

DIY Food Storage Drying Rack

Growing your own food can be very rewarding .. Here we have a DIY Food Storage instructions: Includes free plans, a cut list and general instructions. Each level/drawer is well ventilated making this project ideal for long term storage.

House On Wheels – TerraCross

The house is a place to spend time with people we love, place to live and shelter from heat and rain. A house is generally built on a parcel of land at a particular location and can not move but what do we have here? A Car House! The company UNICAT developed this vehicle home called ...
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