Stained Glass Succulents

HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THESE?! These stained glass succulents are absolutely stunning! You can add one to an existing garden or as a stand-alone decoration on a table, desk etc. They also have a metal ring attached so you can hang it on a wall or in a window. Each one is made from an assortment ...

Succulent Treasures Candy Box

Succulent Treasures Candy Box. The perfect unique living gift! Instead of giving a box of chocolate, give a box of succulents for Mother’s Day! What do you think?

Succulent Christmas Tree

In this time of year, the internet is booming with snowy landscapes and all-white themes decoration ideas. It’s pretty much a given to think about Christmas as a chilly and snowy period, but this is not the case for many places. Even though your location might still have winter ...
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