Original Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed To Create A Fashionably Old-Fashioned Mini Bike!

Everyone’s all-time favorite, the Volkswagen Beetle has been repurposed by a creative builder into a something called a „Volkspod”. Brent Walter, who identifies himself as a „maker and builder of a variety of things” reimagined the iconic car in the form of an old-fashioned ...

Volkswagen Super Bugger: The Craziest Beetle You’ve Ever Seen

There are so few in Canada that most people who see a Super Bugger for the first time likely take a second look. Now a couple in Rimbey, Alta., has decided to sell one of the rare beasts.

Luxury Car Art Furniture

There are plenty of people out there that combine a love for baroque architecture and furniture with a taste for fine cars; but not all in one product. ZAC Glamour Design might have discovered the product suited for that need. They presented the world their one-of-a-kind beetle armchair. ...
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