The 11 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon

9. Sunray Cabin

Allwood Sunray is a popular kit cabin made from high quality Nordic wood. This aptly named model was designed to allow abundant natural light inside. Sunray may have a lake / beach house written all over it but this cabin also makes an elegant guest house or even a stand-alone retail building.

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10. Timber Frame Cabin

This is available HERE…

11. Timberline Cabin

Timberline is one of the the largest models in the Allwood kit cabin line for North America. This log home kit comes with multiple options. It can be easily customized to function as primary residence.

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12. Eagle Point Cabin

Eagle Point is a truly unique kit cabin model. In addition to recreational use, it can also be a stand-alone retail space or office.

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6 Responses to “The 11 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon”

  1. Denise Norman says:

    How come you dont show the insid of any of your homes

  2. DONNA O'NEIL says:

    I am looking for a beachy cottage style. 2Br full bath, small kitchen and living room.

  3. Marie Horkey says:

    #1 would prefer seeing interior design, plus the one you do show is stupid, why is the bath tub in laundry room rather than bathrooms or why is there a wall between the laundry and bath. DUMB,DUMB,DUMB.

  4. Tilesbay says:

    Beautiful Houses!!!

  5. NIK MASON ESQ says:

    Interested In No : 3 From Above – Gateway Cabin – Pack –
    Terms Of Payment & Instruction For Shipping – CONTACT !
    Posible Order 4 Pieces !
    Kind Regards !

  6. TomLeeM says:

    I think those are really nice.

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