The Car Chicken Coop


The cost of the Traveller and other materials on this project was about £300 plus the labour – I even managed to flog the offcut front half for £95 on eBay! “But is was a labour of love!” Michael smiled”…and I don’t expect there’s another one like it anywhere, a candidate for the Turner Prize if ever I saw one!”





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2 Responses to “The Car Chicken Coop”

  1. dark horse says:

    So the hens have a “cool place to live”? I was just thinking about how hot it would get in that car. Would you want to be in there in the summer? It’s illegal to leave pets in hot cars where I live. What a horrible way for a living creature to spend its life. Enjoy those eggs! (Also imagine the smell and how hard it would be to clean. Your neighbors would love you.)

  2. Andrea Braden says:

    I love the car chicken houses. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would put chickens in a hot car chicken house in the hot summer but you could put some easy opening windows with chicken wire over them and it would be a great chicken house for the cold winters.

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