This Log Cabin is Cheaper than you Think

pioneer-log-cabin-3 12×10 Pioneer




pioneer-log-cabin-4 Pioneer on trailer

Company: Wayside Lawn Structure (Columbiana, OH 44408)
2015 Price Sheet

23 Responses to “This Log Cabin is Cheaper than you Think”

  1. ed says:

    where are you guys

  2. Walter Powers says:

    Any info website or a link to the log cabins would be appreciated.

  3. TOM TAYLOR says:


  4. Kristy Haavisto says:

    I would like to see the inside layout of this log cabin “Pioneer” 10′ x 16′ please!

  5. Zulma Lopez says:

    I was wondering if there are photos of what it looks like inside and also if there is a washroom, I don’t see it on the list of what is offered?

    Zulma Lopez

  6. Jhoe D says:

    Where can i find prices? I want the full cost… i dont want to hear “oh, it’s only $3,900 when it actually ends up costin $165,000″….. 🙁

  7. Lynn says:

    i would also like to see the inside layout

  8. Ruby says:

    would like to see picture of the inside of the 12/24 . Is that the biggest you offer?

  9. SK says:

    Wayside Lawn Structures

  10. D. Underwood says:

    Would like to see inside as well and Canadian cost to build it etc

  11. Terri powers says:

    Send brochure to 5301 Excelsior road sacramento, ca 95827

  12. Jamie Bartlett says:

    Could you please send me some pictures of the inside of your biggest log home you build to my email address. Thanks so much.

  13. brenda turner says:

    More info please…can they come with electric outlets?

  14. Tara says:

    We just bought one from that was very reasonable and already built. Tell em Tara sent you for a discount.

  15. Stuart says:

    Where do we get them? Who do we contact?

  16. Gena Sanchez says:

    I would like information and more designs you have on your cabins

  17. Theresa Leonhardt says:

    The article tells you the name of the company and they have a website. Read the article instead of looking at the pictures only. WAYSIDE LAWN STRUCTURES in Ohio.

  18. Mary Sorgi says:

    I would like pics of the inside, include a bathroom?

  19. Mary Sorgi says:

    Would like floor plan, or pics of the inside please.

  20. Kim says:

    Nice small home

  21. herman lentjes says:

    info inside all models ( pictures)
    electric outlets?

  22. C. N. Flanders says:

    Send Information.

  23. William Hamm says:

    Would love to see inside plan,sizes and prices please send

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