This Theme Park Allows Children To Operate Construction Machinery

Theme parks are very popular in the US and they captivate both children and adults in the same way. From waterslides to rollercoasters and all sorts of fun machinery, theme parks are filled with exciting ways to spend your free time.

But there is one theme park in West Berlin, New Jersey that pops out from the crowd and it is called Diggerland.

It is an adventure park filled with replicas of construction equipment, all dedicated to creating a fun environment for children in which they can learn to operate excavators, dump trucks, and many more.

The park spreads over 21-acres and has 25 types of different attractions which are designed with great caution and are safe to be operated by children. Daily passes start from $30 and parents can even book the venue for children’s birthday parties or other special occasions.
Diggerland is the only theme park in the US that offers children the opportunity to feel constructors for a day, so if your child has a passion for this than it should be a must-visit.


source: Diggerland


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