Tim Burton Fans Can Now Get ‘Beetlejuice’ Inspired Lamps For Halloween Decor

Tim Burton is the master of scary cartoons with heartwarming characters and his fans all around the world are going to love these lamp designs. The piece was inspired by Beetlejuice, the 1988 movie that has become a cult over the years and can be found in an Etsy store if you are quick enough.
Since the lamp is almost sold out, it seems like all the Tim Burton fans out there have already bought one for themselves for this Halloween. The lamp has black and white stripes all over it and is a combo between Beetlejuice and the sandworm.
The lamps come in different designs, as each one is unique and has something peculiar about it, so you can choose your favorite shape.
They can be a great addition to your Halloween decoration. The Beetlejuice lamp is made of foam and resin and judging from the reviews, the customers are simply loving them. These lamps are avaialble in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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